Sopra 1 vs Diablo Utopia

Good morning bank holliday peeps, system as follows:

NDS, 555
252, Supercap dr
signature xl
Sopra 1.
Two stack fraim and powerlines

Has anyone done this upgrade? im trying to work out if the Diablo is more of the same or different

Appreciate your help

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I asked the same question some time ago to my dealer, his reply about was the Diablo is a faster and more refined and correct sound, also is even more revealing of the electronics tha are behind them.

The diablo is better built but they share many aspects in the sound, other than that I can’t say much more because I opted for the sopra n1, felt the sound was fuller and easier to live with in my room.

Thanks for the info, my room is quite small. really enjoy sopra but im wondering where people go next. did you get to listen to both?

Maybe you should look for a 552, which would make a significant improvement where is really counts, and very likely transform the system, rather than tweak it a bit.


Thanks for the info, a 552 is going to be my next big move. i have my name down for when when comes along with my dealer.

I have been offered Diablo at a really good price with a trade in on my sopras, thats the reason im asking really

In that case I’d go for the Diablo, if only because they look much nicer than the Sopra, with the much more divided cabinet. That’s terribly shallow of course!

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It is indeed but i do like your thinking, i think the sopra 1’s look really smart though

Diablo’s will be with me later on this week so i will update


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