Sopra 2

I have just broken all the rules and purchased Sopra 2 on ebay at a great price (much less than half)
I had heard them before in a dealership and the sounded great but never thought i would ever be able to afford them.
So not done a home demo.
I also changed speaker cable at the same time - some QED to Naim NACA5.

The vocals and tweeter and mid range are incredible - much better than my old Tannoy (should be at the price) - but the bass is clear not boomy but somewhat lacking in attack in those bicg rock/indie songs.
Jazz and calmer songs it is excellent.

I have worked on speaker positioning etc and think i have the optimum placing.

Part of the issue is i will be moving in the next few months to (hopefully) a place with a much larger listening room) but i still wonder on the “attack”.
I am wondering if the 250DR will help over the 200 DR.

Overall my sound is much better, so good - but disappoined in the bass and attack compared with 1000 pound speakers and basic cables v naim cable and 10k + new.

I realise this is self inflicted but knowing i will be moving soon makes home demos a little less relevant.

Any thoughts ? any one with Naim and Focal?

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I do not have an experience with Naim and Sopra 2 but put ‘Naim and Sopra 2’ into the search bar and a response of 50+ threads appeared. Could be worth your time to take a look…

Congratulations on finding a great bargain purchase.

I do believe the 250DR would be nice improvement in your system. A lot of folks on the forum have mentioned how lovely a match the NAC 272 and 250DR sound.

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I am a sopra 2 owner bass is excellent

it is there when it is the record you are playing

İt is tight and never boomy but may Shake the house down with the Right track

Maybe it gets time to used to it

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As a fellow Sopra 2 owner: firstly, congratulations!

They do love some power - 250DR is a great combo; quite simply, you’re not hearing them at their best yet.


thanks all for your help.

As many of the forum members suggest - system balance is the key.
So 250DR for me.
If i ever move from 272/XPSDR to NDX2/XPSDR + 282/hicap - balance will still be right!

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Congratulations on your speakers sounds like a bargain. I went from a non DR 200 to a DR250 and found it finally delivered the bass I’d been searching for for almost 18 years. It just seemed to bring more weight to the party, and I was running a 272 at the time. Good lucky with your journey.


You need a 250 at minimum.

I’ve heard Sopra 2s with a SN and they were very good but a 250 will be great.

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I have sopra 2 on 300 dr go the dr route and u won’t b disappointed if u can stretch to the 300 dr u won’t b disappointed but yep up Ur amp n ull b very impressed with Ur naim n sopras n let them settle in… :grin: Enjoy

I started with 282/SC Dr + 250DR then 252/300 DR. Superb with 552/500 unDRed. They will carry you on your Naim journey.


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Go for a 300DR. It is a fantastic match for the Sopra 2.

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I’d second that (again) - running that exact amp/speaker pairing in our main system.

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For the sake of a couple of months, i would do nothing currently. You maybe fixing an issue that might not exist in your new location and also the time would permit the naca5 to run in if new.

200 DR is only DR for power output to preamps. From what I understand the power amp is not DR. Imo a 250 DR compared to 200DR will be a revelation.
Personally to date I’ve found the sopra 2 to have a bit of mid bottom end boom, but that’s not to say in another room it will be the same. The mids and tops are very good. That’s my experience in a full hi spec lp12/cds3/282/hi caps/250 all DR system Enjoy!

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