Sorry dear, it was Coronavirus that made me do it

Ok, so how many have fallen victim to Coronavirus purchases… extra time on their hands to browse and read reviews that ultimately leads to the buying of new hardware :joy:

Well… I’ve reached my limit for now, and probably for the next 3 years to be honest. NDX2 would be the next step I guess but, not for a while!! Famous last words.

So I’ll start off with

Started with
Naim Supernait 2
Bluesound Node 2
Audiolab M-Dac+
Tellurium Q Black RCA interconnects.
B&W CM6 S2

Ended up with

Naim ND5 XS2
Chord Qutest
Naim Hi-Line
Naim Hi-Cap DR
Naim Supernait 2
PMC Twenty5 22


A very sensible use of your time, I think.


Congratulations! I hope that you and your family are doing well and that you will be able to enjoy your acquisitions during your confinement. When are the boxes due?

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I think so too. However, the faster I clear my credit card to zero, the more space there is for new items… I might have to disconnect from the internet for a while :rofl:

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Family etc are all Ok… we are fortunate, many others are not! Here’s hoping everyone here is keeping safe… and find time to listen to plenty of music!

The ND5 turned up last week… loving that. The HiLine should be with me in the next day or so and the HiCap by the end of the week!


You remind me of my warrant NCO during active duty, a very long time ago, who used to say about check books: Don’t worry sir, as long as there are sheets of paper, there is money.

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Haha… yeah! Fortunately, I have a habit that I can’t bear to pay interest on things so I always clear my credit card. I use “buy now pay later”, but always repay before they charge interest etc.

I tend to go through 3 year cycles of updating gear… so for me, that’s it for a while now!

I feel at least partly responsible…

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Dam right :joy: but then again, I don’t take much persuading.

I got the hiLine boxed as new for £400. The guy had a Naim Super Lumina cable and hadn’t used it. I checked with Naim support and they confirmed they would carry out free repairs provided damage wasn’t caused by abuse!

Missed out on your old Hi-Cap unfortunately!

Looking forward to hearing how you get on with the additions, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the HiCap going in.
Not sure if you’ve sorted it but you will need two SNAIC cables for the HiCap, a 5 pin and a 4 pin. The HiCap comes with a 5 pin SNAIC and should be included, the 4 pin SNAIC does not come with it and you’ll need to add one potentially to connect it and for it to power your Supernait.
Check wherever you got it from if they have/haven’t included BOTH SNAIC cables, if not, you’ll need to source a 4 pin one.

No it din’t come with the SNAIC 4… I had to purchase on of those as well!

The HiCap has all the other original cables, 4 year old in mint condition. They also confirmed servicing costs from Naim for it (£330), although it doesn’t need it for some years yet. So, if I added that to the cost, it still saves me a couple of hundred but would give me 16 years usage.

I was unsure about the HiLine until Naim Support camera back to me. They provided some pointers on how to install and protect it but should the worst happen over time, they’ll repair it for free.

Seems like you’re all set in that case!
Now I need a new HiCap myself, however I’m getting distracted with talk of DAC’s and CD players in my isolation madness!

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Hi, first post so thought this was a good place to start! I too have fallen victim to Coronavirus spenditus & my first journey into the naim world!
Started off with onix oa21, proac studio 125, bluesound vault & linn lp22/lingo/basik/grado & and ended up with new/used amps! Treated myself to a nac202, nap200, stageline mm & hopefully a napsc! Here goes another expensive but fun journey. This does make me feel better after being let down on a new onix amp for many months now & has the approval of the boss with a few white lies from me!


Well, for now I have ran out of things to distract me from my work… searching for this and that!

It does mean in 3-4 years time, I can focus on the NDX2!

@Mr.M Some of the dealers I’d contacted were saying stocks of certain items are running down due to manufacturing stopping/slowing during the coronavirus outbreak. I have to admit, one of the things I’d look at before buying a NDX2 would be a DAC with the ND5. I’ve long since ripped and boxed my CD’s so a CD player isn’t something that interests me… thankfully!

Welcome and yeah, can’t beat a bit of retail therapy while stuck inside! With that lot you should be set for some great feet up and beer/wine time! I really like Naim and yes, sometimes it does require a few little white lies to get by!!

Just bought an xs2 which I can’t afford and was meant to be later in the year but my nd5xs2 needs it!


Enjoy your new system.

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Exactly! I also have to replace spent funds now… but, I guess the money saved on petrol, eating out, going to the pub etc etc will go towards it!


Nice one!

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No sweat, nobody will tell and you are all excused given the circumstances.