Sort Webradio Stations

I wonder how to adjust the order of the webradio stations marked as favourites. Is there a way to customize the order? Currently running a NDX 2 and 2 Muso Qbs.

On the app, touch ‘Edit presets’ and then with a finger on the station & a with a slight ‘push’ to the left it can be placed where you want

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Thanks, @Mike-B, this works for the Muso but not for the NDX 2. There simply is no “edit presets” entry.

OK … sorry but I don’t know NDX2 that well

This function is missing from the new streamers, and a few others have raised the same point. Probably worth giving this feedback to Naim, as thet might be able to add it if they realise that people want it.

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I sent an E-Mail to Naim-Support-Team requesting to integrate this “feature” in a future release.

Speaking to Naim at the recent Bristol show this is a work in progress item.

I hope they also do it for the new nd5 xs2

Two updates later: issue not solved :weary:

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