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I’m having an odd issue with how downloads are being categorized in the Uniti Core. I have several albums by The Who some of which I still have on CD others which are rips from CD’s I no longer have. When I ripped the CD’s to the Uniti Core they are categorized as “The Who” while those that I downloaded show up as “Who, The”. Oddly when I look in the downloads folder the sub-folder the downloads appear in is called “The Who”. Obviously I have some sort of metadata issue but I can’t figure out how to resolve it. If anyone knows how to remedy this I appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

You need to put a metadata editor such as dBpoweramp on your computer, access the downloads folder on the Core and edit the album artist and/or artist fields.

Thanks! I wonder if I can manipulate the metadata in the Music Folder. I saw in another thread someone mentioned doing it using their ipad but the folders don’t show on my ipad (or I don’t know how to access them)

No you mustn’t try to edit anything in the music folder except with the Naim app or you will likely break the indexing and have to load all your music from scratch all over again.


Yikes I’ll avoid that at all costs then thanks! David it’s not obvious to me how to edit metadata in the app. Can you let me know how you’re able to do it?

You go to the album you want to edit, open it so you can see the track listing on the screen. Then in the top right hand corner you will see three dots. Tap that and a drop down menu will appear. Near the bottom is “Edit metadata”. If it isn’t there then that album is in the downloads folder rather than the music folder and you can only edit that with a PC or Mac.

Edit metadata will take your to a new screen and it will be obvious what to do. You always have to save any changes before exiting the editor or your changes will be lost.

These instructions are for an iPhone but it’s basically the same whichever app you are using.



Excellent thanks David!

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