Sotm sms200 neo/Ultra with Naim Dac


Has anyone ever plugged in a SoTm 200 neo / ultra streamer to a Dac Naim (the nDac not the V1 version) ? Does the SoTm streamer recognize the dac well ?

I have the Dac V1 running with sms200 neo today and want to upgrade to Naim Dac (ndac).

Thank you very much for you help.

I’m pretty sure this won’t work. The DAC V1 is designed to work with a USB source, where as the Naim DAC’s USB ports are for memory sticks containing music files or Apple iPod / phones. You’d need a USB to S/PDIF converter to use the Sotm with the Naim DAC.

Thank you very much James. Indeed, I did not specify but I know that it is necessary to add a converter USB /spdif.

If I specify again, my question would rather be: will the SoTm recognize the dac with the converter between.

Ah ok :slightly_smiling_face: The Sotm will communicate with the USB to S/PDIF converter so I can’t see why it shouldn’t work with a Naim DAC.

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that’s what I hope too. But I would be reassured if a user had already tested it successfully. We all know that the paths of IT work in a mysterious ways :grin:

I connected the SoTM sMS-200 Ultra Neo to Singxer Su-2 which in turn, connected to NDX2 via S/PDIF. It works but i preferred the SQ from (only) the NDX2.

A while ago, I had a SMS-200 ultra Neo connected to a Schiit Eitr and into the Naim DAC. Worked like a charm…

Yes, but you finally preferred the Ndx2 apparently :laughing:

Excellent !!

I bought the Dac with a TXPS (it was in the package) :grin::+1:

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you wanted to bypass the ndx2 streamer ?

Considering the quality and the price of a NDX2, I don’t think I would have dared to add a Sotm ultra :sweat_smile:

Congratulations! Enjoy your “new” DAC!

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it was just an “experiment” as i got the NDX2 at a later date :laughing:

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no question bout that.

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Hello @bnc1863 , one last question :slight_smile: do you noticed a drop in sound signal between Sotm+Singxer SU-2 ? Some noticed a lower gain/sound around 15db with the Singxer SU-2 and a linux renderer.

Thank you so much.

Hi Xantores, yes there was. This is a known issue with SU-2 (SU-6 doesn’t have this issue) with some sources. As advised by Singxer, need to increase volume/output on source side. I contacted May at SoTM and a remote access session was arranged where her colleague increased the volume of the MPD & DLNA app. This solved the issue. With Librespot, I had no issue. The rest of the app, I do not use.

On the subject of SU-2, you can try to add an external OXCO clock. Google BG7TBL on aliexpress - it is an inexpensive experiment worth trying.

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Thx for your feedback and advice. It is exactly what I needed. And I use only DLNA/Librespot too. I will take a look to the clock.

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I use this combination. I have the SoTM sMS-200 Ultra Neo with S/PDIF converter going into my nDAC.
There is no issue and would imagine that the S/PDIF converter would be the weak link in the chain (so make sure you get a good one).

Finally I have chosen the Singxer SU-6 based on reviews and forums. My SPS 500 powers it.

Congrats. You are using the Y type dc cable to power both the streamer and ddc? Enjoy.

Yes, I bought a Sotm Y Statement cable (copper & silver, especially for French market). I am testing it since Thursday, but I think it doesn’t match. It unbalanced my sound with treble unpleasant, a medium too forward and a bass tighter but less powerful. I think that’s what we call too analytical sound :wink:

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