Sound difference CD5 XS vs ND5 XS

Hi guys,

thanks for adding.
I hope you can give me some feedback for my decision.

Currently I play a Naim Nait XS2 with Vienna Accoustics Beethoven Baby, Rega Planar 3 and a Cambridge Audio C640V2 SD-player and I´m really happy with this combination.
Now the C640V2 does not work properly anymore (disc-drive) and I’m thinking about buying a CD5 XS (I have the possibility to get new one) to enter the next level of sound (compared with my Cambridge Audio), or the new ND5 XS2 - ripping all CDs and tidal use?

What do you think is the “better sound” in a direct comparison?

Many thanks in advance and greetings from Austria / next to Vienna!

No ideas guys?

I just want to ask, if there are any sound differences between the CD5 XS compared to the Networkplayer ND5 XS2?
Maybe it´s still worth buying a cd player today?

Your expert-input would be very helpful for my decision.

Many thanx guys!!

I have heard both separately, but not to compare. Both impressed me. Setup and system synergy can make a difference.

Streaming is the future, but CD’s are simpler to use. I own a CD5X and plan to keep it. That said, I use my NDX-FM 95% of the time. Both sound better to me than my Oppo BDP95, FWIW.


I went to streaming with the ND5 XS. I ripped all of my CDs. The sound is great and so is the convenience. I will never go back to playing discs.

So many thanks guys!!
Cheers, Roman

Roman, You ask if it is still worth buying a Naim CD player today? I think it’s a personal decision for you dependent upon your circumstances and attitudes towards technology, lifestyle etc.

From my personal point of view, I’m so pleased with my CD5XS that I’ve not bothered to look at streaming.

One thing I would like to stress though is that, by and large, Naim continue to support their CD players, not the opposite as someone posted here recently. Indeed my Naim dealer has just done a minor fix on my CD5XS for a modest fee and with a Naim supplied part.

Enjoy your music whichever way you go.


Thank you Christopher,

these are very valuable informations!

In the moment I would prefer an “old school” Nait XS2 + CD5XS combination, without need a tablet or a mobilephone with an app to operate…

Many thanks!


Maybe you can find somewhere NDX for reasonable price, than I wouldn’t think about CD player anymore.


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I run a ND5 XS 2 with a NAIT XS2, it’s a fantastic combo. CD5XS or ND5 XS 2 will be good either way.

What speakers are you running?

Thanks Stephen for your reply!

Nait XS2 with Vienna Accoustics Beethoven Baby Grand - I´m very happy with this kombo!


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Get the ND5XS2 and a cheap CD transport, doesn’t need be NAIM. Run the CD Player digital out to the DAC on the ND5XS2. Best of both therefore.

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What happened next?

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