Sound of Flac files on UnitiQute2

Most of the time I listen to the iRadio on my UnitiQute2.But I have a large number of Flac files on my Nas.So I trie to stream these through my UnitiQute2.In my opinion ,these Flac music sounds dull and flat.(Flac files 44,1Khz).What can I do to upgrade the sound?

Hi, I would expect 16/44.1 FLAC files to sound much better than lossy iRadio.
What is the source of the FLAC files? Are they known to be of lossless origin?
What UPnP server are you running on the NAS?

These Files are lossless CD rips.I run the Twonky server of Western Digital WD harddrive NAS
1TB .Streaming files via the Naim app.

As a test, can you put a few music files on a USB stick and put it in the USB drive on the Unitiqute. If they still sound poor I would suspect the files. If they sound better there could be an issue with the server.

Unitiqute doesn’t have a CD drive……


And if it had one, putting a USB stick into it might not be advisable :grimacing:

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I had this NAS type and changed it for Asus with MinimServer and found sound quality better. Not impressed by TM.

You might find the flacs are being transcoded. (That’s the default with jriver for example, which I think assumes mp3 until you change it). Check and make sure they are transcoded to 24 bit wav.

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I use UQ2. I play FLAC files on USB drive. The sound is OK, according to the source.

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