Sound of Vinyl downloads

As a long term vinyl user I still buy records and recently have received “Sound of vinyl” redeem cards with the records allowing me to download WAV files from their website.

Having ripped most of my CDs onto my Synology NAS via my Unitiserve SSD in WAV format (around 5-6 years ago and still working fine…) I was hoping to just copy downloaded files into the Music share where my ripped CDs reside and have the convenience of streaming as well as the the occasional indulgence of the “Real Thing” by playing the records. However, the download appears to be only the WAV file without associated metadata and do not appear on either the n-serve app or the desktop client.

Would anyone who has successfully achieved this please share how this was done?

There are a couple of issues here I think. You’ll need a metadata editor on your computer to handle the downloads and add the metadata. Dbpoweramp would be my choice.

When I had a UnitiServe, which was the standard version, not the SSD, downloads had to be kept separate and put into a ‘downloads’ folder. I don’t know if this applies with the SSD version but I imagine it would.

If that’s the case, the process is to download the files, sort the metadata, and then copy to a downloads folder.

It reads as though you still have the Serve. If so, you’d be very wise to use it to convert the whole library to FLAC. If the Serve should fail you’d be able to load a upnp server such as Asset on to your Synology and stream from there. With the Naim WAV rips, that’s not possible and you could run into real problems. Converting to flac will embed metadata and make the files usable. You can then transcode to WAV on playback by selecting the ‘decode’ option in the DTC.

When you do the downloads, I’d be inclined to convert to flac - dbpoweramp can do this - and then add the metadata. It’s easier to work with.

When you download music it’s always good to check the Metadata using a computer as the Unitiserve can only do it with its own CD rips. Make sure the album, track, artist, genre and other key fields are correct, and artwork is there. A metadata editor is very useful here. On a Mac I use Metadatics, on Windows try MP3tag.
Save your changes and save the files to the Unitiserve Downloads folder. Do not put it in the Music folder, that is only for CD rips and should never be changed in any way via a non-Naim interface.

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