Sound quality

If I have, my main Hifi system on and my girlfriend is listening to my naim uniti atom headphone edition would that affect the sound of my main Hifi system when playing it

Does she sing along loudly whilst using the headphone system ?


No, thank God


If a Tree Falls in the Forest, and There’s No One Around to Hear It, Does It Make a Sound?

Have you tried it?

Listen for yourself. Others wont hear what you will.

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Maybe if she is wearing open-backed headphones.

I find when you have your main Hifi on and your naim uniti headphone edition off its better sound

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Is it better to have one not two Hifi system on at the same time does it make any difference on the sound quality I find it affects the sound when two or on

You have answered your own question.

Actually yes. Just because there is nobody around to call the phenomena sound it still happens :slight_smile:

Right now there will be millions of hifi systems playing.

There is no logical reason to suggest playing two simultaneously in your house would have any impact. They are not linked and one is being listened to on headphones.

It weird be a pity if a perception that this is an issue led you to stop listening simultaneously.

Actually… I‘m not an expert but can it be:

Sometimes you hear interference when you phone trys to connect to the network.

Both systwms are connected to the same electrical network and a close to esch other. Maybe some oart of the signal hets reflected back in the cabling and maybe interference can be picked up.

Or also there is limited amount of electricity provided to a household. Maybe with the two systems working together the limit is reached.

Or the small vibrations from the headphones can influence the needle and make themselves audible

…. what do you think?

You are joking, I have to assume!

Partly joking partly not.

For example if I play something on one input and then switch to the other I can still hear at very low volume the thing playing. I know its called crosstalk. But what if is possible to pick up other noise.

Also ones I was making tea, cooking and decided to listen to some music. Back then was using a power strip with a button. Pressed the button and the the main protection switch triggered.

So I‘m just speculating and joking, but maybe there is real and physically measurable possibility for one device to influence an other.

We have all kinds if isolators and power strips and filters and stuff… to battle this.


If one of my cats sits on one speaker do I need to get the other cat to sit on the other speaker, so the system sound quality is balanced?


Yes, or the image will be out by a whisker.



I think punctuation should be a higher priority at this point, @Higgy .

Are you playing from the same server? Or otherwise closely connected over the ethernet? It seems many DACs are sensitive to that kind of electrical noise. An oversampling delta-sigma dac is running at very high HF and is streaming the bits internally in a way that is extremely sensitive to things like small timing errors. There has been endless discussions on network cables and switches.