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New to the group and need some help.
I have a Linn LP 12, Stage Line and FlatCap 2 plus NAC 122 and NAP 150.
I have recently plugged in my old Arcam Alpha 8 CD player.
The quality of the sound when playing CD is much much better than the LP12, louder, clearer and
much crisper.
Have I don’t something wrong when I have connected the LP12 or is there any other logical reason for this.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome Woody.

Most any CD player will usually sound louder than a record player, mainly because their output is usually much higher than regular line level; 2V or more against 500mV-1V. CD can also often sound “crisper” too (not always a good thing) but much will depend on other factors here such as what type of LP12, what arm, cart (how well matched to the Satgeline), PS etc, how old, how well set up. All this can have a big bearing on overall performance.


That is the LP12 house sound, warm and slow. The Stageline also a factor for this house sound. Try other phonostage, cart or turntable.

Welcome. What spec is your LP12? They have changed considerably with the various upgrades over the years. However, it was in part for the reasons you describe that ultimately as good as the LP12 was I ended up with a different deck.

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Hi Woody,
Sorry to hear this. When was your Sondek last serviced? How old is your cartridge and what is it? Was there ever a time when the Linn was on song?



I got it 2nd hand from Cymbiosis at the end of 2020 so would have been recently serviced.

Spec of LP 12 is circus LP 12, Linn Majik arm with Adikt Cartridge, Hercules power supply.

Thanks. When were the FC2 and your NAP150 last serviced? I’m asking since both can power your Stageline depending upon how your system is wired together.

Warm and slow? Seriously? Perhaps 40 years ago but….

My only other question is what is the Linn sitting on?

Hi. All serviced about 6 years ago.

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It has always been on here.

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I would get the LP12 off that rack. Try a wall shelf or a small light table. Even an old 80s Target stand would be much, much better.


I would feed all leads to the Stageline into it from behind rather than from the side or underneath, as shown in your picture.

Likewise lower box too.

Hi @Woody30

Nice to see you on here and welcome.


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Welcome Woody, I think you’ve come to the right place to pose your question to and I agree with my fellow Forum members on their advice and observations thus far.

In general, the LP12 is not really as plug n’ play device as a CD player can be, it’s very sensitive to vibrations and the choice of stand material can alter it’s naturally smooth, dynamic and musical presentation. If you can’t get it on it’s own wallmounted shelf or rack then I’d look to get a turntable isolation platform between the LP12 and the glass shelf it currently sits on. I think that would help but without knowing how “different” the comparison you are making is, it’s impossible to know if there’s anything “wrong” with your LP12 or it’s simply a case of preferring one source over another.

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Hi. Thanks and fully get your point. This picture was taken when setting up system. All properly wired in now but take on board your comment about moving the bits around.

Thanks DiggyGun.

Many thanks. Underlying feedback is to move it off the glass shelf. Will give it a try and also move Stageline away from TT.

If you can, a wall shelf works well with a LP12.

This is the Target one that’s gets mentioned a lot. Had one myself many years ago.


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In the Hi-Fi game, use your highest benchmark and play with laggers, if you like the hobby.

People invest a lot of money in their vinyl systems with satisfying results. Not necessary to do this, but fun if the process appeals to you.

Get a dealer you like and trust.

Best of luck.