Soundcloud stuttering: Chromecast (uniti atom)

Wondered if this had been fixed or is being addressed:


We have tried to make contact with Soundcloud multiple times to talk to their engineering team, but no one replies.

The problem is that their java player code which gets downloaded to the Atom uses up all cpu time (it spins constantly), which means the Uniti runs out of cpu to play reliably. It works on the google dongle as they have 4 cpu cores and having one maxed out constantly can be got away with.

Although Google have strict certification demands for equipment manufacturers, they have none for service suppliers so bugs like this can be introduced.

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Steve Harris
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Thank you very much for the detailed reply.

Glad I saw this post! I bought a Uniti Atom over the weekend and found this stuttering issue with Chromecast. I use it for playing Amazon music and it really spoils the listening experience. Does it affect other Unity products or is it just an Atom issue?

Interesting, I thought it didn’t support Chromecast. If it now does that means it can used with Naim. I should trial it.

Yes, Amazon music works with the Atom - but not Amazon music HD unfortunately (think it’s down sampled to ‘normal’). There’s a cast icon on the phone app. The stuttering is a pain and happens with every track although it’s not as noticeable with some tracks.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. HD is what would make me want to consider vs Tidal.

Let’s hope Naim are working on a native Amazon music app that would give us access to Amazon HD music.

Hmmm. I’m only familiar with the native Tidal and I can tell you that I never use it. The experience using the Tidal app is so much better. Is it the same for Qobuz?

I don’t think this is an issue with Naim BTW, as a 3rd party it’s generally hard to create an app/experience that’s better than that of the service, especially if you’re doing it for multiple services. One of the appeals of Naim was the amount of connectivity options, so native (to the service provider) apps could be used.

I think it’s a shame Amazon hasn’t updated their app to be able to use those connectivity options.

I’m new to this streaming malarkey, but for me Chromecast with Amazon music is unusable. It may work fine with other services. The Naim Atom itself sounds really good and plays music from my NAS without problem. Very happy with the purchase so far.

Amazon music app is all kinds of bad not just via Chromecast. I have found on the whole the Atoms Chromecast very good but does depend on the app. Qobuz has got better now plays without any issues for me.

Its not a good service for Hifi integration at all, avoid at all costs. That and it still has no proper dac suport or sample rate switching so your not gettting bit perfect for most of it unless you cobble the pc to be set at the most common sample rate then it up or downsample everything else. It really is a joke of a service. The HD add on is just being a meto product without proper implementation.

That’s good to hear, as when I first tried it via Naim/Chromecast it was pretty useless. Might be useful for anyone who prefers the Qobuz app UI, assuming sound quality is as good. Does Chromecast support Qobuz 24 bit now?

Sounds pretty good to me bu no it still only44.1 which is lame but cant tell the bit depth as the Naim app doesnt show it but Qobuz says hires 44.1 so I assume its 24 bit. I think the Atom only advertises itself as max 48/24 via Chromecast, thats the max Roon will send to it.

Or anyone with gen1 Qb’s (and Chromecast Audio)

Don’t you mean Airplay?

No, Airplay is restricted to Apple devices only, so of no use to me or anyone with at least a mixed OS environment.

What I mean is that 1st gen. Musos support AirPlay, not Chromecast.

That’s why I said “and Chromecast Audio”. I got two pretty much right after getting the Qb’s. They’re still readily available online, but as no longer produced prices have gone up since.

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