Sounding better than ever?

What album sounds terrific on your modern streaming system despite being recorded in the pre-Cambrian analogue era?

Starter for 10:


There’s a remix around from about 2010 that’s sounds good.
Though I prefer Tubular Bells 3

I’ve got 1 and 2, didn’t know there was a 3😱

when my eldest daughter was a baby, suffering from bad colic, I used to get her to sleep playing Tubular Bells 2 at 2 a.m. - she is now 27 and just about to produce our first grandchild - I do hope she doesn’t have to subject the poor mite to the same treatment. Hopefully I can find Tubular Bells 3 on Qubuz so I can have a listen.

Plus a version labelled Tubular Bells 2003

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