Source or Pre

I had a 500dr n 252 w SCDR. Source is now nDAC w 555ps dr. Should my nxt upgrade be the 552 or nd555?

That’s a nice choice to have.

I think it has to be the ND555 as it will immediately be more musical and you’ll have a lot to look forward to when you get the 552.

Source first!

In my opinion source first is a busted flush. Synergy is the key. Your nDac/555 is already of the highest order, the 552 is the natural partner of the 500DR. Your system will sound sublime.




You don’t say what your DAC gets it’s data from…

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Not sure ‘busted flush’ works in this context. Fallacy, maybe. Just saying.

552 all the way. Been fortunate enough to have a listen with a 500 after many years with a 52, and (given a few weeks) the improvement is significant

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@NigelB had the same question. He compared and finally choosed 552 over Nd555.
But in your case, Ndac/ 555dr, I would say both choices would uplift similarly.

552, source first, well not exactly, but you will be surprised - The magic is 552+500 combo. Is it what is called synergy?

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This is a real dilemma. ND555 first to go with your PS555DR, or 552 first to go with your 500.

I say ‘first’ on the assumption, in time, the pre (552) and source (ND555) would both eventually arrive, as this would be the ultimate system, each element making the most of its partners, ‘synergy’ to coin an overused word. If both purchases are planned then it probably comes down to which comes up first pre-loved, assuming you are OK buying secondhand (from a dealer I would strongly suggest).

If it is one or the other then I would go for…I don’t know. The 252/500 is not an ideal combo (where the 552/500 is), and the ND555 is just sublime. I think you would need to home demo both options to decide.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.

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I am hot and grumpy and would like to disagree…but you are spot on. And no its not the Nap500…though the fan is having some fun😬

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Cheer up Gazza, you have the system to chill to.

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You are right Nigel, system is on song…i am just not a sun worshipper…20 degrees would be perfect for me.


I would go 552 as you have the nDAC with 555PS already.

Will make a big difference to the 252 from what I heard on demo.

Demo the two if you can and see what sounds best.

If you are going to end up with an ND555 as well in the near future look at what you can get the best deal on as 552’s are out there used.

Good luck with your decision :+1:

I’ve been sunbathing and watching the snooker on my iPad, perfect. This afternoon was baking and watching the first semi final and got hit with a massive downpour, thunder and lightening!

Should have just chilled to some music inside.


Be careful with your system with thunder and lightning. Must turn it all off. Lol.

Mostly i listen from my ripped CD collection from my Core.

Oh no Nigel! U r spot on to my current feeling… which one first…

Ultimately i want all, but either one i get will mean it will be quite awhile before i get the other piece due funding.

So the question is really which one first… :joy:

Thx Dan!

Hi @cavemanz Hope you are planning to demo first, with just two boxes on the list it should be straight forward.

Will you let us know the result?

Considering you already have the NAP 500 DR, I’ll go first for the NAC 552 DR.

The 552DR/500DR is an outstanding combo.

Remember, the 500DR was designed to be headed by the 552DR, not the 252…

Your nDAC/555PSDR will shine when connected to the 552 DR.

My choice would be first the NAC 552 DR, and later on the ND555.

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Nice dilemma. In Naim world the pre is king so likely to be the best option. However I would think either option would be very good. If you intend to do both at some time it takes the pressure off making a choice. If this is your last big purchase though the 552 might be a better long term option as digital sources have a shorter shelf life.