Source upgrade options

All been watching recent NDX2 posts Vs NDAC with great interest am pondering a source upgrade soon (home demo permitting which is proving difficult /non existent in cumbria)

in 2 minds at the minute and curious if any experiences on the 2 routes

A) Pure NAIM option - move to pre-loved NDX2 (trade NDX and test whether NDAC stays also) - no additional cable cost; later would swap out the XPS DR with a 555DR funds permitting in time

B) Change out NDAC - CHORD Hugo TT2 and new Phono to DIN cable (sell NDAC and later upgrade NDX to either ND5XS2 or pre-loved NDX2, maybe the M scaler too)

C) Wild Card??? - change NDAC for something like Mytek brooklyn DAC/Streamer, other suggestions

wanting to future proof so want latest streaming board (as have been tempted previously with NDS as an option but longer term think will end up as a dead end, all be it an awesome sounding one)

finally any recommendation on good dealers who home demo


You probably should hear the Chord DACs and see what you think. Quite a few people prefer them, though certainly not everyone. When I changed to Hugo from the DAC in ND5XS I felt the improvement to be quite marked, far far more than adding an XP5XS power supply (which I moved on), giving a very natural sound.

I had the NDX and an ND5 prior. The Ndac is a good upgrade- I would keep it. The biggest upgrade is the 555ps. I have had the non DR XPS2- the 555 is way ahead

The Ndac likes a good transport - I have a Moon Mind2 and have used a Mac before not sure if the NDX2 would give you more than the NDX value wise if using as a transport if you are using to pull files off a Nas

The Chord Dacs are good. Not heard the TT but the original Hugo made a massive difference to my ND5 but there was something missing. They are more detailed but they dont in my view have the Prat and drive which the Naims do. Possibly depends on what genres of music you listen to etc.

must say am curious on how they sound any idea on good home demo retailer???

do love the NAIM PRAT music wise mainly 90/00s indie, rock and dance listen to recent stuff too

feed NDX as transport via my MELCO as found much better than my NAS

Im into Metal prog rock same styles you. Agree decent server helps a great deal. I would definitly keep an eye out for a 555ps-put it on your Ndac will give you even more drive bass sounstage etc.

Assume you are bnc bnc from your NDX into Ndac?

yep run CHORD sarum T BNC - BNC :slight_smile:

We have almost identical systems!

When I was in your position I mulled over new vs old platforms and took the plunge with an NDS, firstly with an XPS DR and then with a 555dr. The results are sublime and I don’t have any regrets. Given my time again I would do the same, but miss out the XPS DR.

I modernised the old platform by using Roon and a bridge so I now have a good set of features and a Naim streamer that can only bettered with an ND555.

If you do consider going down the Chord route do have a home demo. I’m not keen and have heard with a decent Naaim system and Kudos C10’s and whilst I can appreciate what the Chord brings it took away the music to me. I also think the Kudos speakers are a bit too analytical with the Chord DACs and the NDS suits them more, taking away the complaints that the y are a bit ‘hot’ in the top end.

Some people prefer the Naim DAC with a 555ps non DR so that could be a cost effective way to upgrade.


@Simon-in-Suffolk made that change

I had a simultaneous home trial of TT and Dave when upgrading from Hugo. I had to pay upfront, money refunded in full upon return. They paid the postage out, I paid return (paying extra for insurance). The supplier was Nintronics - I found them helpful and friendly.

thanks have bought a pre-loved NAP 250 DR from them in past and was impressed will give them a bell

not thought of a bridge option to modernise the player ??? tell me more as now that is a very tempting route… :o

I use lms-to-upnp to create a bridge between Roon and the NDS. There’s plenty on this forum if you do a search.

The easier option is to use a pre-built hardware bridge which takes the hard work out of setting up.

Roon isn’t cheap, I bought a lifetime subscription before the price rise so it’s all forgotten about now. I also assembled a Roon Rock device which is a dedicated server for Roon. The beauty of a Rock is that it is a dedicated appliance requiring no administration.

This does allow me to use Qobuz or Tidal and stream to my NDS at the same quality as local streaming using an application which is arguably the best in the business.

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I wish I had listened to some of the Matrix Audio kit before my last upgrade; X Sabre Pro MQA, Element X. In terms of measured performance they are right at the top of the tree and you don’t have to remortgage your house to own one either.

ok i have my NDX connected via my MELCO NAS at the minute. will take a look at bridge (ROON interests me but want to keep the MELCO)


well now found a pre-loved 2012 NDS that been serviced in 2018 said had newer version of streaming board fitted???

really tempted to pull the trigger on this i have to say , thoughts???

Seen that, would be very tempted if I had the funds.

The NDS has always had the newer version of the streaming board. The NDX and early Uniti models had an upgraded board during their lifetime.

A serviced model is still a good thing, especially if the display has been replaced.

thankyou guys just pulled the trigger on the pre-loved NDS hopefully getting tue next week. excited now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff

Now look for a gently used 555dr. The sale of the NDX, NDAC and XPS DR should almost cover the cost!