Southern audio show...Hilton hotel, Maidstone Kent

One for next years calendar, March 28/29 th, not many hifi shows right down south, so this should be interesting. Its run by the Chester group who run other shows elsewhere in the UK. Exhibitors are tbd.

Right down south is where I live. Maidstone is miles away.

Closer than Chester though😉

A nice pootle along the coast and a left turn at Hastings would only take you a trifling three hours by car to get to Maidstone. Plus a bit of time for roadworks - not more than a 7 hour return journey. :thinking:

Take the caravan and make a nice weekend of it👍

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Hmm, I can think of places other than Maidstone for a nice weekend… I’ve never been to a Hifi show.


Maidstone is a strange place to have an audio show if they are thinking of attracting the southern UK population, Kent is not exactly central south. I used the same hotel last year, it took about 2 hours to get there & almost 5 hours to drive home - M25
Its a nice hotel, it has a number of larger (business meeting) rooms & a lot of car parking space, so has a lot going for it as a show venue.

It’s not so far from where I live, but it has been many years since I ventured into Maidstone.

edit: I see it’s not actually in the centre of Maidstone at all, but rather just off the M20, so much easier to access. It looks like quite a good place for a show. Interesting…

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HH - How about organizing one in the Emsworth area so you can say it really is down South?

HH has had some building work just completed…not sure we could all fit in, could be fun trying😁

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He could organise the craft beer for it ok…

Does this mean Naim won’t be there Richard?

Imagine the rush if Naim chose to launch a ‘NAC-N 572’ in Maidstone.

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Apart from the Bristol and Munich shows, I’ve no idea what Naim’s show plans are for next year.

I’d be happy to have them launch it in my house. I have the requisite 555PS and as David notes, a trade account with the best brewery for miles around.


Hmm. Maidstone isn’t too far away for me. I might look at going. That said I’m a bit curious about the location and timing though. Now what might happen at the end of March? And if any motorway is going to become a lorry park as a result, which one was it? [That’s as far as I will go in a ‘political’ direction, @Richard.Dane, I promise :innocent:]

I don’t know, what might happen at the end of March?



372 launch at the Southern audio show ? :joy:

One lives in hope.