Space-X Crew Dragon launch

Its a great mission this and I hope all goes well.

But I find the running commentary painful…and I see the astronauts to be remote controlled too much which I didn’t envisage as all this wasn’t shown on TV in this much depth before I guess…

I mean the ground controller asking them to wipe the screens etc…was kind of strange to me.

But hey…welcome to live TV !

It’s on YouTube TV. Watched launch and docking / entry to ISS. Watched the ISS at 10.10-10.20pm last night Dragon was 7 minutes behind but lower elevation and not very bright. My daughter saw a very bright meteorite, but she is in the countryside. Maybe it was the stage 2 booster!


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The second stage can’t be recovered as it i travels too high and does not have enough fuel so it burns up on the way down.

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Yes, stage 2 isn’t recovered. Although they have recovered and reused some fairings from satellite launches which is pretty amazing. Also, stage 2 will de-orbit after 2-6 months unless it has sufficient propellant to be intentionally de-orbited. In which case they bring them down in the Indian ocean southwest of Australia. That’s only Low Earth Orbit missions though.

Worth watching last nights Starlink launch on YouTube. The landing burn on the barge was captured without interruption which is unusual. The SpaceX webcasts are brilliant in that respect.


From my brief Googling a few days ago, originally Stage 2 recovery was being considered but it proved to be too expensive to develop further, at least for now.

Yeah, they’re not going to do that. They are going all in on the Starship / Super Heavy stack which will be fully reusable and eventually be able to lift 150T to orbit. That’s if they ever stop blowing up the test items! I wouldn’t bet against them achieving it though.

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It’s all pretty inspiring in the grand scheme of things right now.

Incidentally it’s 10 years today since the first Falcon 9 flight

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