Spacing on a Fraim

I was speaking to the dealer who sold me a 52 all those years ago today about TT. He thinks I can fit a TT on top of my stack by moving the NAT01 to sit next to the Snaxo. Before I start experimenting with moving boxes around, is this going to be detrimental to the sound?

That rack’s going to get pretty crowded, especially if you need to find space for a phono stage too. (Or maybe you can put phono boards in the 52?)
Do you have a ‘brawn’ rack too?

Could you use the tall legs to distance brains from brawn?

Oh yes there is a brawn stack to the RHS.
The 52 used to have a Roksan attached (although my memory is a bit hazy - it was 30 or so years ago). I’m hoping the boards are still in it, in any case I have a pair of NA522 /2 T sitting around.
It was suggested that I could drop the NAT01 down a level, then move the NDS down (with its tall legs), then move the 52 down.
In an event I’ll need to listen to a TT before I buy, but it is also a solution to ripping my LP collection too.

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