Spaghetti junction

I can give you the lecture on Electromagnetic Interference & Compatibility but I fear that both our lives are way too short… :laughing: :laughing:

Anyway, I AM RETIRED from all that stuff…(even if I was chatting on the phone just yesterday to an old friend who is the current head of our EMC Group).

I’d listen to be honest… I draw commercial MEP services for a living, so it’s right up my street!

Tidied as much as I dare…

Better? Lol

A work of art

Oh mate…

When I first switched it all back on…(amps first)
It tripped the garage out!!
Panic was not the word!!
Reset the breakers and it came back on perfectly!

I’m running loads of Lutron Electical from the garage fuse box so guess it didn’t like the surprise loading…??

If it becomes a regular thing, swap the type B MCB for a type C, and it should stop that tripping

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When I’m starting from scratch, as a general rule, I like to lay the speaker cables and install the larger diameter cables (if there are any) first. Thinner, interconnects usually come last as they tend to be more flexable.

This point. Very important!

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