Spanish RNE radio stations via vtuner


Can anyone help in getting access to these stations through vtuner?

They appear in the lists on the Naim app but fail to connect. I’m particularly interested in RNE Radio 3.

I’m connecting from the UK but don’t think it’s a location problem as I can access them with the RNE app via my iPhone no problem.


Don’t know if you got this sorted.

When stations don’t work, or aren’t available, on vTuner we use the Online Radio Box iOS app.

Just checked and the RNE stations are all on there.

You can cast to ND5XS2 via AirPlay.

Hi @IainO thanks for the reply

I had the RNE app and could connect with Airplay but the quality was very poor. I’ve since, from a recommendation from RNE, downloaded the RTVE Audio app which does sound a fair bit better.

I also went onto vtuner direct and got a message that these stations were currently unavailable, despite them being listed.

Interestingly as a result I’ve discovered that Chromecast doesn’t appear to work with anything on my ND5XS2. (Despite having had the streamer for almost 3 years this is the first time I’ve tried to use Chromecast!) Having searched the forum and read about tokens, I’ve now raised a ticket with Naim to advise/action. I’ve checked both the Naim app and iPhone settings and everything seems to be enabled correctly.

However I can use Airplay so I am (kind of) sorted!

Thanks again


AirPlay is fine for 99% radio listening.

Once you get into the realms of HD radio it becomes an issue obviously.

Hi @Steeve

Thanks for the report - I’ll get in contact with VTuner and aim to get it working again.



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Thanks @Stevesky

I notice most are now playing ok although there still seems to a problem with RNE Radio 3 and RNE Radio Nacional.



Hi @steeve,

This one is still being chased through with vtuner. Taking longer than expected to get it right…



Thanks for your efforts, it actually started working last week, apologies for not reporting this.

On holiday at the moment so can’t check again but hopefully it still is!

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