Spat with Qobuz

Any one had any issues with Qobuz relating to faulty downloads and redressing the issue?

As others have found in the past they don’t do refunds (not sure of their legal ground). But recently I downloaded an album which had a fault on one of the tracks. Not the first time his has happended and the previous responses have been - please chose another album. Which is fine with me.

This time after a two week wait to respond to me it was - please chose another track which is a bit like saying that matching tea set we sold you which has a broken cup - please select a cup from another set.

I don’t do tracks - I’m an album man. We’ll see how this plays out…


Same for me, faulty tracks - playing a section of a previous track - track title wrong - track starts one or two bars in.
Incomplete metadata, or no metadata at all.
In some cases their e-mail response was far from customer oriented - I am mistaken, check it again, metadata not included with WAV
No refunds ever, only a free offer of another download.
Absolute shower, avoid if at all possible

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Gene Clark - No Other? It’s still wrong on Tidal, even though they know about it!

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@johnt no but funny you should say that I downloaded the Gene Clark No Other Deluxe FLAC from Boomkat and noticed the error on Friday the day of release - called Boomkat straight away who were so helpful promising to get it sorted. On Monday morning I called the record company 4AD (belt and braces approach) and advised them of the issue and they said yes we know it’s being sorted right now. End result Boomkat had the correct files relaced and ready for download by noon that day - what a great service.

My Qobuz download is Vetiver - Up On High which despite flagging it up with Qobuz is still on sale with the fault which is a bit naughty.

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@Mike-B I’m beginning to think you’re right - no refund, now only offerring to compensate with another track, leaving the faulty item still available for download and taking two weeks to respond to me doesn’t bode well at all @BertBird please take note.

If you have paid via PayPal you could raise it with them.

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My experience with Qobuz has been poor along similar lines, and their responses have always been unhelpful, and very brief. Being French, I wonder if they don’t have an English language based customer service dept and perhaps they translate everything. That was before they were in the US, so perhaps that has changed.

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I had also on a regular base issues with them. I also find it strange / perhaps illegal that they don’t refund, they even don’t do anything to fix it. They also keep albums on sale which are faulty. Absolutely the worst company I have dealt with so far…, but they do have the best prices.
Would hope they would learn and get better…

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Even without PayPal if you paid via CC you may still have a bit of clout.

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Yes Bert you are right - it is a dilemma.

Normally I cut my losses pay another £1 or so and buy the corrupted track elsewhere but in this case there are a few retailers selling the album but for some reason not on an individual track basis.

I have contacted the record company and they are looking into it. It was a mid-price buy so I’ll have to decide which way I go and how much effort to spend.

Cancelled my 30 day trial with 2 weeks left and immediately it started playing up by skipping to next track after random times. Starts seemed to miss a second or so. Didn’t find much hires.


I think you are seeing conspiracy theories where there are none.

I often find the metadata from Qobuz downloads is erratic, but no worse than most of their competitors. In fairness to Qobuz, I recently bought two downloads from them, one of which I had previously bought elsewhere. When I discovered my error afterwards and asked them for a refund, they weren’t forthcoming but did agree I could download a different album instead. It was my mistake so I was more than happy with the outcome. Their responses in English were curt and it was apparent that they didn’t necessarily understand properly what I had said, but in fairness, had I written to them in French, they would probably have found it harder to understand me!

I’ve been a Sublime* Qobuz subscriber for three years now and have bought scores of albums without issue and stream faultlessly. The only metadata I adjust is Genre, though classical albums are ones I change a lot on (mainly because of the way I think of Classical albums).

On the odd occasion I’ve had contact (usually because of odd web page behaviour) the response has been at best patchy.

So I’m very pleased with Qobuz and wouldn’t think of using anyone else for streaming and mostly their pricing beats the opposition into a sticky pulp.

  • They renew me on the old Sublime terms, which I’m chuffed about.

A week later and after lobbying the record company who were very helpful the faulty track has been repaired and dowloaded. I found this out mid-week from my email exchange with the record company and checking the album details - nothing from Qobuz advising the issue has been fixed.

In the meantime last Monday Qobuz advised that since I had waited so long for a resolution I could have an album of my choice as compensation. One should not look a gift-horse in the mouth but nearly a week later I’m still awaiting my choice.

So, to sum up my buying experience with Qobuz, as others have said above the catalogue and price is better than most but woe betide if you have an issue with an album or track - you will not get a refund and a resolution from customer service is now very poor and a lengthy process.


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