Speaker audition recommendations with a difference

Hi all

Some of you maybe aware that an unfortunate accident occurred with my little girl tripping over our rug and knocking over and damaging one of my existing speakers beyond economical repair.
This has been approved by my insurer and I now have a new criteria on what speakers maybe worthy of a demo with a few more factors other than just sound quality.

I want something heavy, on 4 stable feet and good near a back wall. I don’t mind pulling them out within reason when properly listening.
Speakers that need to be hard up against a back wall won’t work in my situation.
I use an NDX2/Supernait2. SL interconnect. HiCapDR. All on PowerLines and all on a full fat Fraim and dedicated supply.

I am looking at adding some funds and acceptable of ex demo. My only criticism I had of my existing Totem Sky Towers speaker’s was the sound wasn’t overly big and fulfilling. I assume this was mainly due to the fact it is a fairly small speaker in a fairly small cabinet.
The possibles at the moment are,

Spendor D9 (Ex-demonstration)
PMC 25 24
PMC 25 26 (only Ex-demonstration)
PMC fact 8 (only Ex-demonstration)
Focal Kanta 2 only (Ex-demonstration)
Kudos Super 20a
ProAc D30RS

Any help or advice on the above and other suggestions and things to look out for would be much appreciated.



With the same system, I run Totem Forest Signatures, which are quite delightful.

3 feet again Mike, Totem isn’t an option now unfortunately

Have you thought about bookshelf speakers sitting on a cabinet?. That is what we had when Rebecca was young, for this exact issue.

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No, again that won’t work and I know this wouldn’t have happened had they been on 4 feet and a sensible weight. The Sky’s only weigh 10kg.

I think none of those models is good near a back wall, but if you don’t mind pulling them out within reason when properly listening, I think Spendor D9 or Proac D30RS may be gorgeous, althoug perhaps the PMCs, with their tape linear reflex, are a better bet, though too analytical for my taste. I don’t know Focal nor Kudos.

Non of these are cheap. You really need to book some demonstrations; take your amp with you if the dealers don’t have one.

Slightly left field but some SBLs are stable and go up against a wall. I raised a family using them without incident. SL2s would also be good if you can find a pair. While not new you can usually sell them on without loss if not delighted.


Sorry but I put in post, up against wall won’t work. It’s a false panel behind speakers

These are all subject to auditioning.

Spendor D9 and kantas don’t fit under a shelf above so that rules them out straight away.

A lot of the speakers you’ve suggested are inappropriate for the Supernait. Do you plan a massive upgrade on the amplification and the addition of a PS for the NDX2? If not, you need speakers that match. The Kudos are nice but a bit bright for me. They can go about 8” from the wall very happily but really need more amplification. The PMCs are bloody massive and really deep, and the SN isn’t up to it.

The smaller PMC 23 would work but even then they really thrive on a 250DR. I like the idea of SBLs but understand that the flat solid wall may be an issue.

If you do fancy hearing some well driven Naim speakers then you’d be very welcome to pop over. Ovator 400s, though not really my cup of tea, might work.

Sorry, misread the original post!

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Personally i have the Pmc 25.26…and had them with a Nova…still have them, Fact 8 even better. The Kanta 2 i have heard with your NDX2 combo…absolutely brilliant at Audio show east a year ago…best hifi room at the show.


Hmm ok that’s interesting, spoken with a few dealers today and had no reservations regarding the Supernait2 on the PMC25 26. I agree you can always have more omph but none of my suggestions so far have difficult driving statistics.
Long term plan is 252, nap300 and 555 on the NDX2

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Thanks Gazza

Subject to listening I am very drawn to the 25 26 and fact 8s.

90% of the music I listen to is vocal jazz (Nora Jones type stuff) and I would love something that is great in this regard.

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I would also add the neat acoustic range of floor standers with the isobaric loaded bottom firing bass driver. I’m a big fan of the voicing of neat speakers.

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I’d go for the Spendor D9s - wonderful speakers.
In case you are wondering what I use, my chosen speakers are Spendor D9s.

You need to do a home demo though to hear if they are right for you.

Just had a measure up and unfortunately to tall. Shelf above. :confused:

I have Fact 8s. They work well quite close to a rear wall and are very good with vocals. For years I had small standmount speakers (Shahinian) up very close to the rear wall and I feared floorstanders like the Fact 8 would not work well unless they were well clear of the wall. I was mistaken and just wish I had made the change sooner. The bass performance is also greatly improved. Given that the original Fact 8 has recently been superseded by the Fact 8 Signature you might get a good deal on an ex-dem pair. I know of one dealer who has some available.