Speaker cable advise Naim Atom + Klipsch Heresy

Back to Naim soon after years out of the hobby. The Heresy’s are wired with AudioQuest type 4 on the inside. So thought to use this as speaker cable. Then I remembered Naim’s recommendation for 3,5 meters NACA5. Is this still valid or am I good to go sound wise?

Thank you!!

Atom’s are a lot more forgiving of speaker cable than the classic series & the need for the inductance load that 3.5m (minimum) of NACA5 gives, that said any Naim amp wants longer rather than short speaker cable so 3.5m & longer is best
AQ type 4 is not ideal as its a quad (4 wire) cable & a bit unnecessary, not helped by AQ not publishing any spec’s.
Alternatives to NACA5 are something from Chord, TQ, Van Damme etc.

A friend of mine has Heresys, Henk. He doesn’t have Naims anymore but when he sold it he kept the NACA5 cables. He uses it with the Heresys.


Thank you Mike, which Chord cable would be recommended?

It depends on your budget, but it’s an Atom so no need to go mad.
I use Odyssey on my Supernait, but they do have others in the range these days with similar materials that might be better for you.

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