Speaker cable comparison

Has anyone compared the speaker cables recommended by Naimi?

  • Naim Nac A5
  • Kudos KS-1
  • Witch Hat Phantom
  • Tellurium Q Black II

Can you compare the sound of these?

There are literally dozens of threads on this. The forum search is your friend. The only cable ‘recommended by Naim’ is, unsurprisingly, their own.


No, sorry, I cannot. But you can, if you want to.

But do try searching this Forum, yourself.

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I’m really tempted to try Kudos KS-1 with my Tellurium Ultra Black II and my speaker Kudos 606. Many many people advise for Kudos KS-1 but I cannot really understand the sound signature, if any, between these two cables. I had Naca5 in the past and I replaced it with TQblack first version. More detailed and fluid, NACA 5 more rough.

I preferred KS-1 over both TQ Black and Ultra Black with my 707’s. The TQ put too much bass in for my room.


Sorry mate, but totally pointless request.
No one has your system in your room with your ears listening.
Cables dont have a sound themselves.
All your going to get is opinions based on peoples subjective view, which is all they can give. You may try a speaker cable and find something totally different.


I preferred phantom to ks-1 on my 707s as I thought they gave a richer/fuller sound.
I can however understand from a hi fi point of view why someone would prefer ks-1.

Each to their own on this one and that’s not constant either, make a change elsewhere, particularly speakers, and the cable preference may change. Our friendly local flatfish was a case in point I seem to remember.

I have the TQ Ultra Black II. I find it sounds like Naim Naca 5, but clearer and more resolving.


What he said. Listening for yourself is the only opinion you should be bothering with



In my experience different speaker cables work better with different speakers. For instance in my experience Chord Odyssey works better with my Titans than Naca but that’s my ears and I haven’t tried Kudos KS1 yet.

You really need to try some at home.

Good luck,


I’ve heard people describe the same speaker cable in completely opposite ways my advice would be to see if a local dealer has demo sets of any of the cables mentioned.

I received advice from a dealer this morning that rather than spend £xk on a subwoofer I should replace my Naim cable with another brand at £75/metre. I was not impressed as it would approximate to the price of the subwoofer.

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But ‘if’ it did what you wanted, you’d have one box less, less cabling, and no worries about placement, levels etc.


In my 45 year hifi journey so far I’ve had had 5 speaker cables and shortly to be 6. Each one was a step up.

QED 79 strand → Linn LK20 → Chord Epic twin → Witch Hat Phantom → Kudos KS-1.

The 6th one will be Witch Hat Spectre due in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully that will be the final move.

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For me a sub is a vital addition that adds much more than any speaker cable could hope to achieve. There is at times an undercurrent of hifi ‘sniffiness’ about their use. The impact beyond extended low frequencies is borne out by the countless high end systems that incorporate one or multiple subs.

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