Speaker cable connection

I have single wired connection with a jumper lead between my nova and Sonus Faber Sonetti 8 speakers
Is there a better way to improve sound or is this ok.

We have Sonetto III and replaced the stock metal bars with Vertere x jumpers.

This was done more out of curiosity than anything else, and we’d have used naim SL jumpers but for their ridiculous price (we have SL speaker cable).

Of all the things we’ve spent money on over last 24 months these jumpers were likely the least value for money upgrade. Not sure we heard much difference. But they are still in place.

What speaker cable are you using?

Our Sonetto III really came alive with 250DR and on the end of 300DR are fabulous. I’d be slightly worried a Nova isn’t getting the best from such outstanding speakers.

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I like Nordost jumpers with my ProAcs and I am on my third set, near the top of the upgrade ladder. Not sure the Nova is a place to overachieve with jumpers, but there will be a Nordost pair that you will like. Many recommend the NACA5 “F connection” termination which adds a jumper “F” out of your NACA5, requiring labor but no new cable spending.

Love the Naim 300. That is a lot to work with as you go further up your own path. As we used to say in the US, “The big car ride without the big car price.”

I have the Sonetto V and I use the stock metal bars. However, if not already done, just make sure the speaker cable + end is connected to HF and the - end is connected to LF. It makes a significant difference.

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@GlenJ Are you using diagonal connection?

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Chord rumour x

Yes I use diagonal connection. It’s much better in my experience.

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Interesting. Are you suggesting that you connect the positive and negative sections of the same speaker cable to different posts (one to HF and one to LF on speakers with four available connections)? Is that an accepted route to possible improvement? It’s easy to try for myself I suppose, but I’m curious as I’ve never seen that done before.

This is how my ProAc D30RS speakers are connected. There was a thread discussion on this subject last year.


I lifted my graphic from the previous long running thread :laughing:

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Thanks - I had totally missed the previous thread.

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