Speaker cable recommendation

Good evening. Looking for recommendations to connect my naim Supernait to Pmc twenty 24s.
Hoping to pay max GBP 200 for 2 x1,5 m lenghts terminated. Tellurium Q black seems to rate well. Due to location ( Black Forest) I am unable to try them out.

TQ black is excellent with Naim and worked really well on my old SN2, buy used and you can always sell on at no loss if for some reason you don’t like in your system


Also Naca A5 or Chord Odyssey.

I’m a big fan of Atlas Hyper 3.5. PTFE Teflon dielectric, 6n OFC pure copper conductors, terminated with cold weld (solderless) tin cobalt Z plugs.

I’ve never got on with silver plated cables.

I find the sound transparent and smooth.

Reasonably priced too.

Curious as to what ‘cold weld’ actually means? I see it used frequently. Is it an esoteric term for crimp?

Yes, it looks like a type of crimping on the plugs.

thats what I suspected, more nonsense terminology to make something sound special

There is a technique called cold-welding which involves bringing the surfaces together under vacuum, could it be that?

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Cold welding is similar to a crimp connection, but at very much higher pressure, in fact the pressure needed is so high that it can only be achieved using a powered hydraulic press or explosives - the pressure needed is in the tonnes / sq cm region and for many materials in the tonnes / sq mm region.

The effect of cold welding is that the metal crystals (of compatible materials) are so deformed at the crystal boundaries that an alloy of the metals is produced purely by the mechanical force.

If a crimp joint is split, the parts will fall away from each other, or can be separated cleanly.

If a cold welded joint is split, the parts have to be mechanically torn away from each other, and they will fracture leaving some of the the surface of each part still adhering to the other part.


100% with Naim system.


It’s a shame you aren’t able to experiment a little bit at home with alternative cables. With my set up at home, NACA A5 provided a sound signature much too bright for my liking - probably more to do with the room shape than anything else. Hence the importance with cables to try at home to help decisions and I appreciate you aren’t able to do so. Might well be worth having a chat with one a respected Naim dealer for advice.



In my experience it’s more speaker dependent. I tried Naca between my 250 and S20s and the combined view (other Forum members were present) of all in the room was that Odyssey was more organic and smoother.

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If you can’t do Super Lumina, then NACA 5. I just went 100% back to Naim including the replacement of Ansuz cables because when you buy into Naim you have to go all the way.


@leatherneck. No you don’t!!


After trying to mix and match Ansuz. Aavik, Aurender, Lumin and Chord with Naim I gave up. I now have a system that’s the most satisfying since I last had a full Naim system.

I do have some pieces not available from Naim (Ansuz Power Switch, Ansuz Power distributor, Ansuz DarkZ’s, Ansuz Ethernet cables and Ansuz power cord from the wall).

Yes, the Aavik 300 is better than my SN2 but IMO not in a Naim system. My new ND555 streamer is better in my system than the Lumin X1 or the Aurender N10. I find that Super Lumina works better in my system than Ansuz cables.

I stopped worrying about the hardware and started focusing on the music while trusting that Naim has done a good job of making sure everything is going to work together.

IMO, if you go Naim you are better off going all Naim. I spent a lot of money learning that lesson.

Well in part I agree. Certainly I’ve always stuck with Naim electronics and although I’ve tried a couple of 3rd party inter-connects I’ve always returned to Naim. Obviously north of the phonostage slightly different rules apply with tonearm cabling etc. But as I said earlier it’s when it came to speakers I just found that Chord Odyssey gave a more fluent presentation just my personal experience.

If you are prepared to invest(igate) super lumina level cables, I would suggest it worthy to audition along with a similar level spec set of chord cables such as the sarum, which I find work very well. They are both fantastic products and preferences may be as much a function of room acoustics/ set up/ speakers.


I agree. Super Lumina are a serious upgrade over NACA 5. As for Chord Sarum’s, they are great. I finally replaced Super Sarum RCA/RCA with Super Lumina DIN/DIN. I think I had those Sarum’s longer than any other cable I’ve owned recently.

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