Speaker Cable + speaker impedance

Yes, piezo tweeters have relatively high impedance, even near to and above their resonance point, so no problem.

I’m using Wilson sashas 4 ohm.

The Wilson sashas use titanium inverted Tweter

Why is there little or no mention of resistance within speaker cables ?
Some posit that the thicker the wire core (AWG), the more resistance - meaning the amp is working harder.

Thicker wire has less resistance … that said look inside the power amp & what size is that cable.

So does thinner wire(AWG) have more resistance ?

Yes. but in typical speaker cable thickness terms, say 2.5mm & up, resistance does not have that much of an effect.

Confused as, typically the AWG denominates a higher value the more thinner.
So outside a Naim system a 10 AWG speaker cable will have more metal core and less resistance than a 15 AWG cable.

AWG is American Wire Gauge, the smaller value numbers the thicker the cable.
However AWG is unique to USA (the exception in this part of the world is with Chord), the whole of the rest of the world express cable wire diameter in area terms, mm/2 or just mm.

There used to be SWG too, I seem to remember, something to do with how many it would take when bunched up to fit in a certain diameter, probably an inch. Shot gun gauge works on the same principal except for the inch bit.

Shotgun gauge is based on musket gauge - i.e. the weight of the lead ball suitable for that bore expressed as a fraction of a pound.

So I missed one of the dimentions on that one, memory of such things is a trifle hazy. I only ended up reading about shooting because I was reading a book on game fishing and it was on the same shelf in the library, I must have been 14 at the time. Never had much to do with it since except a friend’s stag day started out with clay shooting a couple of decades later, I do remember missing a lot. I was better at the fishing.

Now how’s that for thread drift.

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