Speaker Cable upgrade

Was using Naca5 speaker cables (4m) for many years and have been living under the assumption that providing one had a reasonable quality of speaker cables, then spending more on upmarket speaker cables would bring very little (if any) benefits, and I must say that the Naca5 set sounded good in my system… however saw a set of Chord Signature XL (ex-demo) going for a good price with a 30 day return option and I thought I would see if spendng more on speaker cables would make any tangleable difference… after all I could return them for a full refund… what could I loose…

The Chord cables were deliverd today. Before installing them, I listened to various tracks with the Naca5 before swapping them out for the Chords and listened to the same tracks. (Didnt think I would need to run in the Chords as they were ex-demo…).

With the Chords wired up, I was not expecting the improvements I heard - all I can say is wow - what an improvement!! - soundstage, music detail, bass, mid range, vocals… all major improvements… being the sceptical sort - I swapped the Naca5 back… and all the improvements dissappered - still good, but now I have heard better and there was no going back to the Naca5…

My experience in the hifi world has been that spending more does not always give you a better sound - but I have to say I am really impressed with the improvements that I’m getting with the Chord cables… but they do cost substantially more than the Naca5… so spending in this case has given me an improvement

Really please with my pruchase - especially as I got these cables for a very reduced price… they will not be going back any time soon


Give it 3 weeks on the new ones, than put the A5 back. You’ve more chance of spotting what is lost that way, if anything.

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