Speaker cables close to each other

What’s the forum opinion please on speaker cables for different channels lying close, on top, of each other?

At the moment the excess for my speaker cables are loose coiled under the speakers but things would have a lot higher WAF if they could be placed under the hifi rack. However then the cables would be virtually on top of each other.

There’s a recent topic called NACA5 dressing which pretty much discusses the same issue.

It may be that runs of numbers of meters may have an effect of some sort, but I don’t see any reason to be concerned in a typical domestic environment, OK maybe best separated as much as possible but without getting too concerned.
I can’t find any best practice on this on www, the only mention is don’t run speaker cables with power cables.
My cables are not a problem i.t.r. one is folded (not “coiled”) under the rack, the other goes straight to its speaker.

Thanks… found it :slight_smile:

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