Speaker cables for Naim Nait 3 - alternatives?

What are the possibilities (if any) for using non-Naim speaker cables with my Nait 3 ?

I currently have a pair of Naim NAC A5 cables at 3.5m each, that I used to run for my Nait 3, but I have since moved house and these cables are now too short for how I want to configure my new set-up.

I would now need about 5m of cable for each speaker, but I’m not very keen on having to pay £40 per meter for new cables, especially as the cables will then end up costing more than the speakers I am planning to buy!

Are there any viable alternatives (by other brands) these days for cables that are compatible with a Nait 3 and perhaps less expensive?

Kudos KS-1 has a large number of fans on here, I’m one, excellent cable and very good value for money, replaced cables much more expensive per metre.

If 5m per channel of NACA5 is too much cost-wise then look at the secondhand market, or else look at one of the NACA4 copies or similar type cables; Linn LK20, Cable Talk etc…

I see there’s a Talk 6 speaker cable, which looks very much like the old Cable Talk 3.1. At less than £10 a meter it has to be worth a look. Just be sure to use the Naim SA8 speaker connectors properly soldered at the amp end. These are pretty much mandatory on a NAIT3 if you are to get best performance and avoid damage to the PCB mounted 4mm sockets.

I’d think about second hand. You’d get decent money for your old set, the difference between that and a pre loved 5m pair of NAC A5 is probably reasonable (for some value of reasonable :slight_smile: )

There is a nice looking 5.5m set with Naim plugs at the amp end on eBay for £229, which is less than £20 a metre once you take the plugs into account.

…and looking at recently sold sets, 2x2m terminated pair sold for £70, 2x3m terminated pair sold for £80. So, £150 means £15/m :wink:

I’m waiting for witch hat phantom cables to arrive but they also do cheaper n2 cables both of which have gotten good reviews and mentions on here. Though second hand is also a good idea if you can find what you need.

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