Speaker cables for Uniti Atom

After some advices on this forum ( thank you all!) I bought an Atom HDMI and will sell my Unitilite.
Currently I’m using ’ the old’ Chord Epic Reference speaker cables and I wonder if an upgrade would be benefitial…
I was thinking of Witch Hat Phantom or Kudos KS-1… Does the Atom also need al least 3.5m like? For me 1.5-2m is enough…
Any suggestions, better alternatives or advice? My speakers are the wonderful and beautiful Kudos Super 20.
I’m living in the Netherlands and I can listen to the Phantom or KS-1 first before decide because we have no dealers for them…

I’m currently comparing both the phantoms and ks1 with my atom - to me in my room they seem to result in very different sounds, need a bit longer before giving full thoughts but if you can try them you should. I’d stick with 3.5m if you can, I didn’t know about the recommendation when I bought my atom so my og cables are 3m and admittedly there hasn’t been any issues but I personally prefer knowing I have the right spec.

I’d keep hold of your money. The Atom is woefully inadequate for the Super 20s: I’d start saving for an NDX2, 282, Hicap and 250, which is really the minimum to do them justice.

The obvious choices are Naim’s NACA5 and Kudos’ KS1. I used the former with my Atom into Neat Iotas with excellent sonic results. The downside is that it is inflexible and can be awkward to use in practice. Kudos’ cable is more manageable and used for the internal wiring of your speakers. I’ve not heard it, but several posters on here use it happily between Naim and Kudos. I don’t think you would go wrong with either.


In addition to what HH said re. amplification, I don’t believe any of the mentioned cables (I have a set of Phantoms myself) would be an upgrade over the Chord Epic Reference. Different maybe, but hardly an upgrade.

My speakers are located very close to the Atom, so the cables are only 1m each. Absolutely fine now for over 4 years.

So no need to worry about the cable lengths you have stated.

I use Naim cable. Again, absolutely fine. But it is quite thick and inflexible.

Note the Atom does come with some Atom specific speaker cable plugs. You might need to get your dealer to solder your new cable into the plugs

Witch hat phantom didn’t work in my room with my speakers, I’m now seriously considering the ks1 cables but it made me even more convinced that you should probably try whatever your considering in your room with your set up before making a decision.

You can add Tellurium Q to the list of possible cables. However, good though the Atom is, I have to agree with @anon4489532 that making the most of your speakers will mean any spare cash being saved toward a big upgrade of source and amplification, not spent of a different flavour of cable.

Don’t compromise the length of speaker cable.
Naim amps sound better with 2x4M+ the longer the better, up to 8-10M.
Running 1M pair is crazy IMO.

If your Epic is right length ? forget other cables, as others say you will need much more amplication.

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