Speaker Cables - Giant Killers Up To £3,000

A lot here use non Naim speakers cables, as Chord, Which Hat, Tellerium, Anzus, Nordost…with full Naim system.
Do they have to be blamed?


I have used the NAC A5 for about 8 years before I switched to the Chord Epic Twin. The NAC A5 was compared to the Chord Epic on Harbeth SHL5+ many times before it was tucked away in a storage box.The Chord Epic gave a fuller and deeper bass than the NAC A5 to me, and the treble sounds slightly more open and extended too. I can agree on the immediate and exciting sound of the NAC A5 and the impact that it may bring to the system. However, in my system the bass definition of the NAC A5 is not very good as it doesn’t do deep bass and the definition is lacking. There is a mid bass lift with the NAC A5 which contributes to the immediate sound and impact. However, a chunk of the deep bass is missing. The bass sounds fuller with the Chord Epic.

Also, I find the treble to be slightly rolled off with the NAC A5. With the Chord Epic, the treble is slightly more extended and sounds airier. Some people found the Chord Epic to be bright in the treble. To me, it’s airier and more extended, not bright.

Now, the Chord Signature XL sounds significantly different to both Epic Twin and NAC A5. As a matter of fact, the Chord Epic actually sounds close to NAC A5 with some minor difference. The Chord Signature XL sounds noticeably different to both. After experiencing the Signature XL, I now find both Epic and NAC A5 to be coloured. The overall sound of the Signature XL is a lot cleaner from top to bottom with much more defined bass quality. It made both NAC A5 and Epic sound smeared in comparison especially in the bass. The bass of the Signature XL is more detailed and nuanced with good layering. With the NAC A5 and Epic, the bass sounds like a one-note bass. With the Signature XL you hear the layering and fine detail in the bass as it’s a more slim and lean type of bass as opposed to a full and fat bass which masks the detail.

The main difference is in the bass apart from the overall cleaner sound. Every note sounds more precise and accurate, basically less smearing of notes as there is more pinpoint accuracy to the delivery.

I did not try the naca 5 with my newly acquired speakers (Marten Duke 2 and Graham LS5/9) as the 3.5m length is a little short, not to mention the stiffness of the cable which is not welcome. Sound quality-wise I don’t think it will be able to match the Chord Signature XL based on my previous experience.


I am not ‘blaming’ anyone, merely pointing out the utter madness of wasting thousands of pounds on loudspeaker cables when Naim make perfectly good ones for a fraction of the price.


What has a 3.5 metre length of NACA5 got to do with anything? That used to be the minimum length needed to provide stability for some of the original Naim amps, but that hasn’t been a requirement for newer amps for a long time now.

I have to second Mr. Roosters recommendation of Audience AU24-SX. easy to work with and amazing sound quality. Many exceptional reviews … Google is you friend.

Maybe before you make blanket statements it would behove you to try some of the high end cables you seem to poo-poo


Why the flipping heck would I do that? I have Naim amplifiers, andI am very happy with the Naim loudspeaker cable that my dealer supplied with the system when I bought it over 30 years ago. I am perfectly happy to stand by my assertion that Naim amps work best with Naim cables.

There’s a strange outbreak of snake oil merchants around at the moment, perhaps it’s a full moon tonight!


Probably, and even surely, because they found other Non Naim speakers cables to be just better or considerably better. I even don’t understand why someone with a system above 252/300 level can still keep the Naca 5. They are for sure bottlenecks at that level. It’s my experience and also my ex Naim dealer experience.


As you seem to be so wise, you should be selling your experience to Naim HQ.

I’m sure that they would love to hear from you.

I think, unless a preference for a different sound signature, it would not be easy to just straight improve on the Sig XL within the same price range, especially that you seem to enjoy them? They are quite special and have tamed the extra brightness of the original Signature while staying transparent and with plenty and very high quality bass transmission.
Hm, your speakers might enjoy some Jorma design cables but I have not listened to a pair yet?

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My point of view is similar to yours in that I would not spend thousands of pounds on a single cable.

I’ve managed to find a great manufacturer of occ pure silver cables for a very good price in Gothic Audio whom I use for all my interconnects.

Having said that I wouldn’t call anybody who does spend this kind of money a fool. Everybody wants to achieve a sound signature that they are happy with. If they are able to achieve this through a cable then that’s absolutely fine.

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It is great that you are happy Graham.
It is very difficult to stand by a statement though with no comparison.
There are many examples of people moving away from naca5 with results that leave them very happy with their investment. Some of whom have just moved up the naim hierarchy to super lumina. If you trust naim with naca5 are you saying they are pulling a fast one with SL?
To dismiss such as snake oil is a bit naughty. There are enough experienced and conscientious users here to make dismissing their findings a bit too blanket a position.


I don’t bother, I am not a Naim centric.


Is this Groundhog Day ???

Surely we’ve been here with this nonsense before ?

Of course we have. It is great fun.


That’s not true, there are threads here opened by people with Atoms snd Novas that were sounding off, where the solution turned out to be switching to NACA5 or another Naim compliant cable.

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Aren’t we all utterly mad, wasting thousands of pounds on Naim when there are a multitude of “perfectly good” alternatives for a fraction of the price?


Hi graham, you don’t seem to show your system on your profile, any chance of a run-down please? ATB Peter

Hi ryder, what are you trying to achieve with your change of speaker cable, and what is your room response currently like with what you are running? ATB Peter

Tell it to all the members here who went from Naca 5 to other speakers cables.

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