Speaker choice for 272/250dr

Currently have 272/250dr and am on the hunt for a speaker that’s going to reveal the qualities of these two.

My current faves on spec and looks are JBL L100 classic, Tannoy Cheviot and Klipsch Heresy, all different to my current Proac Tablette 10. Love the Proacs for their midrange but they can’t reveal all the naims can offer up

Looking for something with a more organic ballsy sound.


If used speakers are possible then I would recommend Naim SBLs. Cheap at £500ish and are great with a 250 and can be used all the way up to 552/500.

Hi @Kompressor1
I recently heard both the JBLs and the Klipsch and whilst both had their pluses in terms of delivering a ballsy, PA type sound, voices and instruments rather suffered becoming rather brittle sounding. I was looking for speakers that would sound great in a big room. In the end I preferred the sounds from speakers from Dynaudio and ATC, which had the the same ability to play loud but sound sophisticated at the same time.
YMMV, but hope it helps?

My dealer recommends Focal Sopra 1s with your electronics for a fantastic two box set. He says the set is complete with the Sopras, you won’t be thinking about upgrades.

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I have Tannoy Legacy Eaton with a 272/300DR setup. I love them! If I had some more room I would go with Cheviot or even Arden. A friend of mine have the Cheviots and adore them. I’ve never listened to MUSIC as much as with Tannoy. If you’re looking for a warm, organic, “ballsy”, non fatigue honest beautiful sound the Cheviot will be great. They are awesome in painting a big soundstage and the coaxial speaker design is something really special in adding a feeling of homogenous sound. They work with all kinds of music and you just want to listen hour after hour to them. I’ve had many on paper correct “HIFI” speakers but always got tired listen to them and they sound rather boring. Tannoy solved this for me. Music and fun in a beautiful box. There is one person building the complete speaker from start to finish and I never get enough of looking at them :slightly_smiling_face:


Much as I liked SBL’s I don’t really want to revisit due to age and repairs.

I could go for Dynaudio but ATC19 I’ve had made my ears hurt, sorry.

I find Focal too bright for my ears, sorry.

Those Tannoys look lovely p, it’s just ny impossible to get demos at the moment with covid.

I’ve recently got some T10S and they are great, and so much better in the room than the previous big speakers that preceded them. Clearly you are gong the other way, and those retro speakers are certainly different. And why not?! Have you thought of trying some bigger ProAcs, the sound you like but on a larger scale?

It sounds like you are sensitive to “hot” speakers and sound like me. I promise the Tannoys will make your ears melt like butter yet not sacrificing fidelity. I struggled for years but everything just settled when Tannoy entered the building.

Loudspeakers are indeed a personal choice, those mentioned are really far from the Proacs.
JBL L100 are nice for rock, not classical, current prices are mad imo.
Tannoy Cheviot would be a safe buy imo.
Klipsch don’t need lots of power, sure there are other amps a better choice.(I’ve heard them with a 12W Leben, my Nait did hiss quite a bit with Klipsch.)

My first entry into Naim was with 272/250. I had focal sopra 3’s in a big room. I always thought the 250 struggled driving the 3’s. I would consider the Sopra or Kanta 2’s. There are many different speakers to pick from. At least try and listen to them before buying blind. Home demo always best, but sometimes that is not possible.

All depends on your listening environment.




I know the ProAcs are good but better than SL2s? Come on Nigel, you’re losing a sense of proportion old thing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sorry, I was perhaps too economical with my description. What I meant is that being small they look much better in my modest sized room, whereas the bigger speakers were much more dominating.

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No need to apologise, it’s your ears and your system, so what suits you is most important. If the ATC approach is too sharp then definitely Dynaudio and Focal are likely to sound more relaxed. I think you’ll immediately understand how they differ in their approach to sound compared to the JBLs and Klipsch. Which approach works better for you will be interesting to see.

…stick with ProAc, give the D30RS, or D20/D40 versions a demo.

Good luck with the demo’s and your decsion…


I just realised it’s the Eaton I’m looking/thinking of not Cheviots etc

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If you would end up with Eaton it is my highest recommendation contacting the stand manufacturer Rogoz in Poland and make custom stands. I did and they are just awesome! Rogoz normally make for Harbeth but can make whatever size at no extra cost.