Speaker choice for 272/250dr


As the OP already admited love for the ProAcs.

Personally, in terms of revelation of the highs ( refering to “a modern sound” tweeter), the best ones I’ve eard came from Dynaudio

Budget? Can’t see any mention of price ceiling.

Budget is not too important a factor, speaker choice matching to the 272/250.

The Tannoys are 5k ish the JBL & Klipsch around the 3/4K so I suppose that’s the budget if you need to pin it down, however I feel matching is far more important than budget.

So many to choose from and your preference will ultimately be decided by the speaker-room interaction.

An audition list may include: Kudos Titan 505, Focal Sopra 1, Proac D30RS, Proac D20R, Sonus Faber Olympica II, PMC Twenty5.23 and others from the likes of Neat, Dynaudio etc.

Such fun to try and audition in these most challenging of times…


Can I ask what height of stands you use with your Tannoys please?

I had my custom Rogoz stands built to 53cm including spikes. Getting the center of the speaker at ear level dramatically increase the performance and soundstage.

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I really fancy those Eatons, they look fabulous, thankfully they’re not available here!

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That’s good to know, I suppose it also depends on one’s seating height too.

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I have 272 / 250 with Totem Hawk and Totem Storm sub woofer and sounds great.

I have recently upgraded to Focal Kanta 2 from B&W CM10’s after demo. I have never had 272, but with 282,250dr they are IMO magnificent. The mids and highs are crystal, and bass is certainly tight in my listening environment. There is obviously a collaboration between Focal and Naim so it should be a match made in heaven, and to my ears the are a magical partnership.


Kudos Titans are my utter favourite listen (ended up with 808s) so if you haven’t heard any do try to do so. I remember hearing 505s (my first listen to Titans) on 272/300 nearly three years ago now and they were very lovely indeed.

Titans out of budget I’m afraid

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Do you any more photos of your Eatons? Position etc.

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