Speaker choice for Uniti star

Hi have received a Uniti star I am currently using it with monitor audio 200 silver floor standers I am finding the sound overly bright. Can anyone recommend a alternative speaker with a bit more bass. Steve.

I am very happy with Kudos X3 and a Nova.

I don’t know this speaker but my local dealer is a kudos dealer so I will have to go and listen thanks.

Although room dependant, I had great results with Neat Iota Xplorers and a Uniti Nova and Star. More than enough bottom end for my liking but the Xplorers require some fiddling about to get them right. They prefer being closer to a rear wall and fire almost straight out. Mine are just under 7ft apart and 7ft from my couch, 11" from rear wall. I also thought the Neat Motive SX1 made a nice match for the Uniti Star.

Although not a floorstander, I heard the newer Neat Ministra and really like them. Very capable of producing a full sound and a well defined bass. Surprising for their size. Very good speaker in my opinion. Like some other Neat speakers, they are made to be placed closed to rear walls.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for that after listening and playing about with positioning over the weekend the sound is actually growing on me very well defined and a superb soundstage. Maybe it’s just me having to get used the new sound it’s so different from my last system which was very big on bass

Just got a pair of Xplorers to go with Star, and I must say how great they sound even though I’ve got a few hours on them as yet.
I got them brand new open box sale for half the rrp.


Hi, that’s good to hear I’ve been thinking about them, currently using monitor audio silver 200 and I’m not impressed far to bright and no wear near enough bottom end

Meant to say only a few hours on them. Neat say 200hrs to fully run in.

Im happy with my Star/Xplorer combo soundwise

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