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Hi Apologies if i have posted in the wrong place.

I am looking for some advice. I have a unitilite thats about 7 years old and going fairly strong, i mainly listen to CD or Vinyl via a Rega P3. I am toying with ugrading my speakers - currently using B&W CM1s. I was looking at Dali Oberon 5’s or Kef LS50

I heard that the Kef’s need a lot of drive. Would the unitilite drive them? or does anyone have any better suggestions on speakers around the £800.00 mark


Hello. As I said in another post, when I auditioned for my UQ2, (couldn’t take my Monitor Audio´s RX2 for logistical reasons), i eard Dynaudio excite X14; Kef LS50 and ProAc Tablettes.
My least favorite was the Kef’s. In fact, I have a WTF moment (simbilance), that some members said maybe becaused the units had low/none hours of use.
Apart the personal taste in signature sound, i recomend the Proacs (for warm sound)
and the Dyn’s for a more open / clean sound ,thanks for the tweeter.
Hope it helped…

I’m afraid you have missed a lot the last 7 years! B&W CM1’s are fine speakers, but in a large room and having a powerful amplifier - think Supernait at least.

I still have them boxed up somewhere in my house. I have tried them with a Nait 5 - no magic happened, but when they were paired with the Supernait in my living room they were very good. Especially when the volume knob was around 10 and having dynamic passages in music - think drums or timpanies in orchestral music it was absolutely fabulous. The room was ‘on fire’ so to say. What I missed were details and I had to position them close to a wall and then the dreaded bass boom kicked in.

Have you tried closing the bass ports, fill the stands with sand and move them a metre in the room?

For an unitilite something far more efficient is needed. The CM1s have a sensitivity of 84db which is low. I suggest Neat Iotas or Neat Iota Alphas if you go for new or ex-demo loudspeakers. I have auditioned these and they are very good, also on Uniti(lite) level. If you are in for a life changer, get SBL’s. My feeling is that the Unitilite will be just fine but keep in mind that it is no problem to go up to Nap 250 level or even higher with them.

Thanks for the info much appreciated !!

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I have a Lite.

Initially I had Q Acoustics 3020s, then Dali Oberon 1. Both lovely speakers but I felt the Lite could take more.

My ideal speakers were Neat Iota Alpha, but I had them on home demo and sadly couldn’t get them to work for me.

My dealer suggested Linn Majik 109s, once again I home demoed (due to the virus) and they didn’t go back.

I have them wall mounted on Linn Brakits (did have them on an alternative wall mount but they perform much better on the dedicated ones) and they sound wonderful, open, spacious and quite even. Loads of detail and the emotion of songs really comes through. What I really like, is that at low volumes I never feel as though I am missing out, as everything is there. As they get louder the sound gets fuller, but I’m really pleased that they sound so good at lower levels, as that means I don’t disturb the neighbours.

Well worth an audtion I would say.

Give the Monitor Audio Silver 100’s a demo on some decent stands, you may just be surprised ?

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I have the silver Rx ( 2 gen before this s100)
And i assure you Thats a lot of sound for the money… :+1:

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Audition the Dynaudio EMIT 20’s I’d say, well inside the budget. Unless you are looking for something with a fancier design appeal (EMIT’s are just plain boxes).

I’d second Dynaudio M20s. I’ve heard them singing on the end of an Atom, so should work with Unitilite. Well within budget. Might even squeeze in a couple of stands.

Neat Iotas are excellent too; I have them on the end of my Atom in my small office. Easy speakers to position, but don’t expect too much deep bass.


Interesting. I have the Dynaudio X12’s with my UnitiQute2; they are the predecessor of the X14’s. I like them a lot, and do find them rather open and clean; no added “warmth.” I bought them about 6 years ago, but really haven’t felt any desire to change for anything else, as I like them! Small Dynaudios that are relatively efficient would be a good match with the UnitiLite as well.


The number of speakers that work well with Naim in that price range both new and second hand is just enormous. People are likely only able to tell you what they like/have but your ears may prefer a different sound.

I could add others (Qacoustics 3050i, second hand Linn Keilidh, some fun JBL monitors etc.) but what you like is going to need some careful consideration or demoing.

I’d start with your CM1s. Do you like their signature or are you after something different? If you really like them and want to upgrade then I’d likely build a shortlist from people who also like the CM1s (so absolutely not me). Conversely, if you are after a totally different presentation, maybe build a shortlist from those not in the B&W appreciation camp.


we are in tune, with the same tuning fork.

People are likely only able to tell you what they like/have

indeed, but at least we can sometimes try to be non-partisan and share some experiences :wink:
for instance, i would like to ear more info from you, about your PMC’s.
I´m thinking on changing my 10y.o. MA RX2 eventually for a PMC 25.21.
(and then jump for a better source )
What do you think? :wink:

I use the PMC twenty5.21 with a Nova and they are a really good match. I think the speakers do need a decent amp to get the most out of them

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The PMCs to me are great and do the live jam session in the living room like nothinhg I’ve heard for the size. But in the budget mentioned, second hand Twenty.22 might be more likely. The UnitiLite mentioned will not get the best from them. But more importantly, the people I’ve known with B&W CM1s truly disliked the PMC sound. Far too much bass response for their liking.

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OP forgive me, but in this part I was thinking specifically for myself. :wink:

I really like the idea of ​​a Nova + PMCtwenty5.21 / 22.
(did you audition the PMC twenty5 21 vs 22?)

(I guess i will start looking in the market.)

I have a small to medium size lounge. I have heard the 22’s (but not at home) and I think they would just be too much, especially the bass

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They’d work very well. Either the 21 or 23. However big you think a speaker needs to be for the size of room, go one smalker with the PMCs. Transmission lines produce a BIG sound for their size. My Twenty5.23 are almost too much for my large (nearly 5 x 8m) living room.

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If you generally like the B&W sound, maybe think about a larger pair of B&Ws? I use CM5 S2s myself, the current equivalent would be the 706 S2. The new Continuum cone, as opposed to the Kevlar in the older speakers, has changed the sound signature somewhat too. Away from B&W, I would look at Dynaudio or ATC loudspeakers.

Prepair a short list for dealer demo. Narrow that down for a home demo if posssible. Choosing speakers is the hardest part of any hi-fi system. Also the most entertaining.