Speaker choice

So I have a pair of B&W DM4’s connected to a 152xs and 150 and I’m thinking of replacing them with something modern. At the moment I’m looking at Fyne F302, the Q Acoustic 3050i or the Dali Oberon 5 or something second hand like a pair of Neat Motives? The budget is around the £500 mark and would like to hear your recommendations please?

Not heard the Fyne, Q acoustic or Dalis but I ran motive 2s with 152/155xs for 6-7 years and they were a great match. Are you after floorstander or stsndmounts? What are your room dimensions?

Some used Dynaudio

The room dimensions are 6mx5mx2.5m

Room acoustic properties vary but your room is larger than mine and bass is generally fine in my room on all but the odd bass heavy recordings at higher volumes. I would be confident the motive sx2 would be perfectly happy in a room of that size.

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