Speaker Choice

Recently upgraded from SU to N272/250dr combo. I run a pair of audiovector s3 signature with this and it’s all linked together with chord epic twin cables

I am keen in upgrading the speakers also. I find the AVs a bit to bright but like their fastness and vocal

A pair of used pmc twenty5.24 out here in Sthlm now for 3k GBP approx. Could it be a match?

I listen to rock mostly stream mostly sometimes vinyl.

Any other pair I should consider guys? Budget 3-4K GBP and will most likely buy a used pair.

If you’re in Stockholm try to listen to a pair of Guru QM10 Mk IIs. I think he’s based in Uppsala. I’m using Tellurium cabling which made a difference.

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I’ve always liked Audiovector speakers. I wonder if the brightness is partly your speaker positioning or room. Maybe they are toed in too much? Maybe you need more rugs, cushions and so on? Is the Naim on a good stand? Do you have dedicated mains? All these would come before new speakers. Have you thought of taking the speakers to Avantgarde level, if it’s still available for the S3? I would also think of a XPSDR or 555PSDR before changing speakers. It should give a lot more musical involvement rather than just a different sound.

It may be worthe looking at these recent threads if you haven’t already:

It could be worth listening to the new r3 series, and check the upgrade price from s to r. It may not be relevant since almost everything is new in the r series, but Audiovector can upgrade from s to r. Alternatively upgrade to avantgarde or Aretté to get the AMT tweeter.

Yeah, however, don’t think an upgrade not amt will fix the bright part though part of the features with AV - they are very detailed.

I have the chance on a used pair of sr3 AA now. Same price as a demo pair of dynaudio Contour 30.

Will holme demo both! But pbvoiusly More value in the AAs :slight_smile:

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