Speaker connection question

Isn’t A5 much older than Fraim, though? What was it designed to be used with originally?

Every rack I’ve had was too deep to get A5 going straight down unless I was OK with having the box 10+cm back from the front, which is not a good look.

I’ve never had a problem with it on any rack I’ve used prior to Fraim. And if it needs to be manipulated you can bend it easily and it generally stays on position.

I wouldn’t say I had a problem, it I certainly never had one where it just went straight down.

A simple solution is just to turn the cables upside-down so the cable comes up and out of the amp and NOT down and out like you’re talking about here. They are soldered mirrored where posotive is always on the outside so it’s quite easy to do. But you must solder them correctly first. There is a larger loop when it comes out of the amp but i don’t mind it and can’t see it anyway.

Or turn the cables upside down with no hard bend but a much more natural larger loop. This is how i do it and don’t forget to cross over the cables when exiting the amp to.

I use the same Atom standard plugs.
I noticed that these plugs are a little bit loose compared to standard banana speaker plugs. They fit easily into the amp holes, without applying additional force. And in my opinion – too easily. Even accidental snag of the cable can pull the plugs out of the Atom.

I had 3 Atoms, and all of them were supplied with plugs that fitted easily. So I think this is Naim’s choice to do such plugs. I was thinking to make these plugs stiffer by modifying metal wire on the end of the plug (pulling it more outward using pliers).

But I didn’t do that. Or should I? My opinion stronger contact – better sound quality. But at the same time I believe that Naim should have chosen the right stiffness for their plugs.

Has anyone modified Naim supplied plugs for stronger contact?

When I bought NACA5 locally about 7 years ago, the dealer made it up and soldered on banana connectors, not the Naim plugs. I never asked or new any better.

Please use te SA8 amp plus. Tey are unbeatable for SQ as lon as soldered correctly wit te correct solder.

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Leave the plugs as is - the plugs supplied with the Atom are the ideal match for the sockets and there’s no need for any modification.


Will the straight out atom plugs fit a supernait 2 using NACA5?

The spacing between the pins is closer, so you would need to remove the plastic housing around them, but it would work. If you do this, I would put some heatshrink around the exposed ends.

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I’ve used mine in a few racks, always just bent the A5 cable a little to fit, never had any issues. It bends easily, and stays how you bend it.

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