Speaker dilemma - ?Neat SX7i from Kudos C10s

Anyone have any experience of these? I’m aware my system is in danger of becoming a Monkfish and these look - on paper at least - like a potential option.

Is that the opposite of a mullet?

I believe so.
Somewhat disappointed that the hive mind hasn’t helped out here…

Yes heard them a little while ago at the Audiobarn on the back of a 272/250. Very musical, great depth. Would of course ultimately depend on your room. They are quite big.

On the room issue I wanted (badly) Neat Ultimatum XL6s but just couldn’t control the bass in my room.



I wonder if you’d be better trying the Ultimatum XLS or the Kudos 505.

Would have bought Kudos 505s a while ago but for their appearance. Black stands and black front baffles are a no-no :disappointed_relieved:
Our lounge is a multi-purpose room where we watch TV and also relax as well as entertain so speakers need to blend in and not be visually intrusive or dominating.

As you have C10’s Kudos S20’s would add a useful uplift in performance, they would be more refined and more extended in the lower regions. They are easy to place too and the ‘house sound’ is very similar to the C10’s.

With a pair of ex demo or used the cost to change wouldn’t be too much and might leave room for a Supercap!

Funnily enough James at Tom Tom has sorted me a SC - arrives later today :grinning:

Worryingly the way is now clear for the 282 to give way for a 252 and then I’ll be finished on the electronics side - unless we win the lottery we don’t play! :grinning:

I have a pair that were on the end of a 282/250 and I have upgraded my amps now but still like them. I listened to some KEF reference and some PMC when I bought them. for me the Neat seemed a really good match with naim. There seem to be a few pairs kicking around cheaply as well at mo at dealers and that auction site. For me some isoacustics under them really brought them on as well.

I think the SX7 has been discontinued.

Oh well, further speculation has been overtaken by financial speculation - they are now sitting in the lounge :flushed::flushed:
It’s going to take a while for my ears to adjust. Initially my reaction was wtf have I done! The Seas tweeter in Kudos speakers really is a marvel and it’s clarity and precision is addictive. Sweet as the Neat tweeter is it definitely lacks something in comparison. However the Neats are obviously more capable in the mids and bass.
Originally I placed the Neats in the same position that the Kudos had occupied but this produced a muddy boom. Bringing them a couple of cm into the room has largely tamed this but further positioning experimentation should improve things further.
Fortunately the veneer is a good match for our existing decor - which was the trigger for deciding on the Neats in the first place.

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