Speaker distance

Hi, just out if curiosity what distance between speakers are people happy with.?

I’m about 3m from mine. They’re about 2m apart. But different rooms, different systems, at the end of the day most of us don’t have much choice I suppose.

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OK thanks I find between 6f and 8f is very good anything beyond 8f it sounds washed out.

What is ideal depends primarily on how far away one sits, and also on room.

In my ‘serious listening’ position (I move both speakers and seat, the room not being dedicated), the centres of the front baffles of mine are about 2.5m apart, and my head is about 2.3m from the plane of the baffle centres.

Centre of front baffles are about 60cm from wall behind them, at lower half, and 90cm from window glass top half. (Blinds when drawn are almost flush with wall, in front of window reveal) Ears are about 0.38 of length of room - depending which bit measured from behind the speakers! Centre of front baffles are about 2.2 m from side walls (but more complex than that because there is a 45 degree section of wall in the corners).

10.5 ft apart, 11ft to listening position.


Thanks for reply I am 36inches from front wall
to front of speaker, and 44inches from side to center of speaker, about 88 apart with toe in pointing at listening seat which is 90 inches from front this is using 38% rule for seat.

I need some sort of panel’s for behind the speakers where the large picture is.I am looking at the gik impression panel’s the room is a wee bit on the bright side, have you any suggestions.

You can also try to increase the distance between rear wall and speakers

Indeed it is something that can be done, though it has a quite different effect from absorption behind speaker… In my own case distance wall behind speakers - and the other distances/positions are optimised for best response in the room. But room treatment, including behind speakers, is needed to improve.

3m between tweeters, 4m from tweeter to listening position. Equates to 3.7m from my ears to soundstage center.

Only way to know is to get some impression panel’s and try they do both scatter and some absorbing.

I have Sopra-3 and speakers are 8 ft apart and about 3 ft from front wall to speaker front and I sit about 9 feet from speakers
Barely any toe in which eliminated any unwanted brightness for me
I would give that a try

I find them better with toe in maybe bacause the back of the room is like an L shape with a kitchen with stone work top.

You are using the nac 552 what do you think of it and was it an upgrade from 252.?

My previous pre was a 272 pre/streamer with 555PS . Yes there was a nice lift in SQ but not as much as you would think only because I think the 272/555PS is an exceptional pairing.Also added the ND555 at the same time.

OK thanks my next move will be 555ps dr I am still using xps non Dr on my system my 300 is Dr and supercap is Dr so the 555dr should be a big jump.

Whilst absolutely optimised as best can be acieved, with a pretty flat response, my room definitely has problems I’ve measured with REW), and I am certain that treatment is needed and will improve it. Indeed I have a good idea of what would help it, but the reason why I haven’t done is simply an impending house move.

Spread the speakers apart a bit if you can, move your listening position back, that would be my suggestion. I admit, I am spoiled as I have a large listening room, and lots of empty space. That being said, think about sitting 2 ft away from a speaker, no matter the brand it is going to be in your face and bright.

Based on speaker sensitivity, amp, and many other factors, you need to find the sweet spot. Put tape on the floor to mark your current position of listening chair and speakers, and make some adjustments. As a rule, the speakers face and toe in for sound should converge 2-3 far behind you according to some Manufacturers. Many folks like them firing straight ahead and no toe in too. Try some movement???


Hmm. Seems I’m one of the few having my speakers out of room boundaries. My front baffel is 183cm from rear wall. Pushing them closer deteriorates just about all aspects of sound and hence music. No toe-in which actually affects bass the most.

Room is 409cm wide and 530-something long. Ceiling is 240cm.

The position of mine was found with the help of REW - and definitely best in my room, having tried further out and in, as well as completely different places. But maybe your room treatment is significant in your placement (I assume you assessed speaker position again after adding the treatment?)

As well as opposite of my experience that seems counter intuitive given increasing directionality with frequency, making the higher frequencies more affected by speaker angle (including reflection from side walls). I wonder what in your system + room combination causes that.