Speaker equivalence

I currently have some Ruark Crusaders on the front of my 272 etc Naim system. I’m looking to upgrade the speakers, but could do with some advice as to what sort of ballpark, price-wise, the equivalent to the Ruarks would be nowadays. Speaker technology has moved, cabinet making has moved (sometimes for the better, sometimes not).

Yes, I know it’s all about how it sounds, and yes, I will spend as much as I can :grin: - but still a guide price of what an equivalent quality speaker would cost me nowadays (new) would be helpful.


A friend of mine replaced his Ruark Crusaders with the ATC SCM40 around £3750. The best upgrade he ever made to his system. Have a look at the threads on the forum re the ATC SCM40. At the end of the day It’s all down to your ears, kit and room so home demo any speakers if you can,

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