Speaker Fit for Uniti Atom

Hi All
I am quite new here and after reading tons of interesting posts my time has come to start my first topic. :crazy_face:

I have finally decided to purchase an Uniti Atom - should be ordered next week.
As the approved budget by my wife is around $4-5k (including the Atom) I am also keen to upgrade my speakers.
Currently I have some Dali Zensor 5. The speakers I am considering are:

  • DALI Opticon 6 or Oberon 7
  • Triangle Gaia EZ
  • Focal Chora 826
  • Spendor A4 or A2

Can anyone recommend or advise against one of these speakers?
I would be open to other speakers you can recommend with an Uniti Atom.

I know I should listen to as many speakers I can and my dealer has offered me to test the Spendor A4 at my place which I hopefully can do shortly. To listen to the others can be difficult in the situation we are living in.

I would really much appreciate your advise and thank you already.

Oh probably also important: the room for the speakers is aprox. 30m2. :slightly_smiling_face:

With that amount to spend on speakers and a largish room, you might consider getting a Nova Instead and reducing your speaker budget. Particularly so, if you’re prepared to consider second hand for the speakers.


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Hi PeakMan

Thanks for your reply…
…and sorry, just realized my comment before was not clear at all.:man_facepalming:t3:
I wanted to say that my total budget is $4-5k including the Atom. :grimacing:
… not too much left for the speakers!

Hi Empollon,
not sure where you are in the world, but the Atom is £2.5K in the UK, less for a refurb unit. And was that a 30m square room? :exploding_head:

Hi Alec

I am in Switzerland and here the price for the Atom is CHF 3000.- which also £2500.
My Budget of 5000.- would be for the Atom + a pair of speakers. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
Yes my Room is aprox 30 square meters.

Hi Empollon, then I think the advice from @PeakMan stands, it’s definitely the way I’d go. Some great advice on the forum regarding Nova/speaker pairing. What is your preference? Floorstanders or bookshelf?

Hi Alec
So you think for a room size of 30 squere meters the Nova would be the better fit?
I am looking for floorstander.

Thanks for the advice in regards to the existing threads - will look into it.

For your info I had an Atom driving Spendor A4’s, it left me a little frustrated, the A4’s are great speakers and I never felt the synergy was right, I subsequently got a Nova and that was a lot more satisfactory, I’ve since moved on to A7’s / NDX2 / SN3 but that’s another story. The Atom is really nice but you need to get the speaker synergy right

Hi Empollon, as you say it’s going to be tough during this crisis to demo a lot of speakers. In terms of future proofing, the Nova opens up your speaker options. As Hollow mentions above, synergy is key, but you have to find something that suits your tastes. Sorry I can give a definitive recommendation I don’t have a Nova, but good advice above to reduce speaker budget and go for the Nova IMHO.

Hi @Hollow, How do you find the comparison between the Nova/A4’s and the NDX2/SN3/A7’s ? A big improvement ?

I initially had the A7’s with the Nova for a while after chopping in the A4’s but again I felt it was not quite right, the Nova / A4’s had better synergy and I probably should have stayed there. Having said that the NDX2 / SN3 / A7 combo is quite a bit ahead of both, I also changed to NACA5 at the same time so a lot was different. 7 months in and its really starting to come in to it’s own, particularly with Qobuz Hi Res. The SN3 provides a lot more drive and improved bass response over the Nova I feel. I’m sure the addition of an XPSDR and HiCap could bring more to the party at some stage funds permitting. So to answer your question yes it is a big step up but the Nova / A4 combo is probably a sweet spot for the money. Out of interest how do you compare the A4’s with the 25.23’s?

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Thanks for the reply, I kind of expected that to be the case. After years of multiple box systems, Quad and the Scottish firm, I’m loving the simplicity of the two Novas, I realise a move to something like the NDX2/SN3 will inevitably start the merry go round of additional boxes, power supplies/cable upgrades etc. I chose the Nova route to avoid this.
But the dark side is always tempting.
I find the A4’s a bit more natural sounding but they don’t get as much play time as they are in the family room, thinking of swapping them into my room to give them more of a listen.

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That doesn’t allow much (assuming US dollars ) for the speakers, especially floor mounts. One thought is second hand or what about some “stop gap” speakers that won’t be too expensive and then can be replaced later

Some people on the forum have used Q Acoustics small stand mounts cum bookshelf for secondary systems such as Nait 2 or UnitiQute , what about the floor standers 3050i ?

Don’t forget that you need to budget for cables

Best wishes

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I demo’d a few around the £1200-£1800 mark for my Atom: Fyne F501 (not impressed, sounded like fancy-dressed PA speakers); Monitor Gold 100s (warm but lacking in a bit of soundstage, too much bass); Dali Rubicon 2 (punchy, lacking soundstage, too much bass); Quad S4 (very engaging, wide accurate soundstage but a bit too fatiguing); Focal Aria 926 (lovely expansive presentation, balanced and clean); KEF R3 (just a bit stodgy sounding and not my preference visually); and Piega Classic 5.0 (excellent soundstage, clear, well-balanced). I ended up going for the Piegas and since they’re a Swiss company close to home I would strongly recommend a listen with them. Interestingly that demo was done with a Nova and was outstanding - luckily the general sonic characteristics haven’t been vastly different with my Atom, although the lower power and “grip” has meant stuffing bubble-wrap in the port to balance bass (could just as well be due to my room). I managed to pick up the Piegas for £800 second-hand in a beautiful high-gloss macassar veneer. If you can demo a Nova with those you won’t be disappointed if you value clarity and deep engaging soundstage over bass wallop - though Piega make a larger 7.0 which should still be driven well by the Nova if that’s what you need.

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