Speaker for Naim 32.5/140

My current speakers is KEF C80(1986 model) using with NAIM 32.5/140(1987).
Which Focal speakers should I buy to upgrade the sound quality. The current setup has no low bass and are bright causing fatigue after few hours. I mainly listen to western classical music i.e. Tchaikovsy, Mahler symphonies. My budget is Rs. 2 lakhs.

Focal speakers are one option.
How about a pair of used PMC TB2i, if you can find a pair. They work a treat with the 72/Hicap/140 set up in our family.


I have used 72/180 with PMC twenty5-24 with great success. Can listen all day.


You don’t mention a source for your amp and speakers. That may well be where the problem lies. Any why Focal speakers rather than others?

Changing speakers to Focal to cure brightness doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Every Focal speaker I have heard has been bright.

Before looking at changing the speakers it’s worth establishing when the amplifier was last serviced as this could be the root cause of your issue.


i’m a little confused as to what’s in your profile. Is the NAD a CD player or another amplifier?

Also what cables are you hooked up with?

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Quad ESL57s. My friend Manfred Stein will make a pair to order for you: Quad Musikwiedergabe in Germany.

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There was a NAD 326 BEE, which was an amplifier. I’m not sure if there ever was a 526. But who knows what the OP has, or what it is?

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SBLs, a heritage design from a company Focal took over but not so good an option if you have plasterboard walls.
You’ll be wanting a vinyl source with that too.

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They work a treat with a 72/HiCap/180 in my family too :grinning:

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Costing about 5,000 GBP

The OP’s budget is about 2,000 GBP.

I had a Hi-Cap/32.5/140 from 1986 to 2019 when I changed to the set up shown in my profile. Obviously, I was very satisfied with that set up.

So, before considering alternative speakers, I would recommend investigating add a Hi-Cap to the amp before making further changes. As you would expect, the Hi-Cap added a bit more definition, separation & subtlety to the overall sound which I considered worth the expense at the time.

What is a ‘lakh’?

100,000 Indian rupees. About 1,000 UK pounds.
His budget is therefore 2,000 UK pounds.

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I have NAD CD player, Naim 32.5/140, KEF C80 speakers. All interconnect and speakers cables of Naim audio. Naim 140 recently replaced all capacitors.
Naim 32.5 preamp not serviced as service center told me nothing to service.
I thinking of KEF Q550 to replace old C80
Naim hicap not available in Bombay.

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There must be something amiss here? 32.5/140 is the most musical with analog frontends. 32.5 used to be the Naim reference pre-amp, and 140 is no slouch.

I want to change plug top of Naim 140 power amp of 1986 as it doesn’t fit into indian socket which has all 3 round pin… What is the electrical wire color code of ground, live and neutral. Please help.

Depending on the age of the cable you should see either:
Red = live
Black = neutral
Green = earth

or for newer cables:
Brown = live
Blue = neutral
Green = earth

Earth (aka ground) can also be green and yellow stripes.

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