Speaker for NAP250 CB

Next week, I will get the NAP250 / HAICAP / NAC62 back from service.
these have never been connected to the system because I bought them used and my dealer advised me not to connect them until after having performed the service.
currently my system consists of nait2 (serviced in march) and harbeth p3esr.
Could you recommend some speakers for the nap250?

I think I will recover € 1800 from the sale of the p3esr and their stands

Bigger Harbeths (30.1?) For something different, Naim Allaes, or Naim SBLs.

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Kudos X2? Or kudos cardea c20? What do you think about?

I only know the Kudos X2. In my room they needed more space than I was prepared to give them. Consequently I didn’t recommend them. Others love them.

What you probably need to do is outline what you are hoping for from another speaker that the little Harbeths cannot give you, apart from the obvious more bass.

If you can find a pair in good condition, the EPOS ES14 speaker was designed for the 32.5/Hicap/CB250 and was a superb design. It would an excellent musical match, so long as the condition is good.

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I really hope to find a pair in excellent condition

I’m using a 62/HC/160BD with SBLs and really enjoy them.
I have used:
Spendor S6e
Rogers LS7t
Epos ES11
And more, but the SBLs seem to give the best all round combination. They also are the only speakers I have owned that can sit against a wall next to a chimney with no loss in performance.

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SBL good call so long as they are in nice order, with special attention to the tweeters which by now can sound ragged. When on song, SBLs and naim CB sound magic.

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I keep a new pair to one side…just in case. They are still available new.

Yes i bought a new set 3 years ago from Naim for my IBLs.

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I also really like the IBLs but they are much rarer to find, in the meantime I found a pair of epos 11 at 290 € without a stand, what do you think?

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Ovator S400 .
Will be a perfect and aesthetic partner

The IBLs (imo) need a lot more work to sound good. The Epos ES11 are amazing, they need a little more room than the SBLs to breath but I really miss mine and wish that I had never sold them.

Same opinion here. My SBL’s are happy with anything I feed them with, but the IBL’s only come to live when driven active.

I must be doing something wrong though, since Julian V did use a Nait 3 with IBL’s and was a big fan of them.

Dynaudio Evoke are around the £1800 mark but if you stretch a bit more the Special 40 would be a good match.

I really like my X2s, and as the rest of my system has grown, they have easily revealed what it can do. Still, your Harbeths are very capable in their own way, and I’m not sure the X2s will beat them. You would really need to listen to the X2s in your own room and system to see if they could work for you.

Kudos X2 certainly didnt work in my room, yet Titan 606 in same position do work. As always, speaker/room interaction is key.

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