Speaker isolation feet

Hi all,

My large ART 3-way speakers have metal feet and stand on a hard oak floor. As I live in an appartment, I am looking for best way to de-couple to give less resonance vs neighbours. Spikes will not work due to kids.

Any advice highly appreciated!

Br Lars

We use Isoacoustic Gaia II under our ART Alnico 8.3 to great effect.

I suspect Townshend Podiums would be even better but at a much higher cost.

We went with Gaias because they look so similar to the standard feet, that no-one even knows they are there. The Podiums are more visually obvious.

Best regards, BF


FYI–Townshend Podiums were the best sonic upgrade that I have made to my system. Strongly recommended. Second best upgrade was the Townshend F1 Fractal interconnects.


Finite elemente cerabases

Many thanks both!

Bluesfan, terrific with advice from a fellow ART user . Much appreciated

Br Lars

Here you go Lars, I knew we had a picture somewhere:

The ARTs on their original feet:

The ARTs on their Gaia II feet:

Close up of the Gaia II feet:

The Townshend Podiums are likely to be even more effective but less discreet.

Hope this helps, BF


Gaias here too, excellent product.


SSC Netpoint 300
100,-€ /4
Perfect Quality and sq improvement

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Great! Really helpful - many thanks BluesFan.

I will order them and hope wife does not notice…

Br Lars

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