Speaker Jumpers - ROI/Brand

Having recently completed all cabling upgrades (ex-demo) on our system we’re now running
272/XPSDR +powerline
Superlumina DIN-XLR
NAP250DR +powerline
Superlumina speaker cable 3m
Sonus Faber loudspeakers

The addition of the SL cables has been most enjoyable. The I/C was probably biggest bang for buck, things improved across the spectrum, whilst on initial listening the speak cables have added additional clarity to treble and space to the midrange (wife commented things sound “crisper”).

The Sonus Faber are bi-wireable but currently we have the factory supplied metal straps in place.

To scratch an itch I am wondering if there would be a noticeable/worthwhile change if we replace the factory links with proper speaker jumper cables?

If we decide to do this I’m afraid the naim offering at 999GBP list is outlandishly expensive and cannot be justified - that would be more than our I/C cost and getting close to what the 3m speaker cables cost. No way are we paying that for 2x20cm cables.

On one of my favourite hi-fi accessory sites I can see an array of jumpers with varying specs from Tellerium, Chord, Nordost, Furutech etc. all for perhaps 150-200GBP max. If we wanted to try one of these, is there a “best” competitor cable type to aim for to pair with the Superlumina (which seems to be silver plated copper as far as I can tell)?

This subject has cropped up in the past.

Just type Jumper Leads into the forum search and you’ll find some great tips.

Vertere Pulse Mini X - are sitting happily in my Super Lumina’d system.


Thanks, I’ve read those older threads, was just hoping they were current! If Vertere is still the recommendation I’d be happy to go with those.

Seem to be slightly difficult to source in the UK, not many websites I can see offering anything Vertere, and certainly not Mini jumpers. Needs some investigation…

There are a number of forum members that are very happy with the Vertere others will tell you to get your soldering iron out.

You can contact Vertere in the UK but my recommendation is give KJ West One in London a call I sourced mine there a couple of years ago.

Try Tom Tom Audio as when I last looked they can source Vertere or if you have a local dealer then maybe you can demo some Chord or others as these might be more easily available to try before you buy.

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Thanks for the dealer recommendations. Tom Tom were very responsive to ex-demo/used enquiries and supplied my lightly used speaker cables (excellent service from James), so they’re definitely one of the retailers I will try.

Looking at the latest Vertere catalogue it appears the Pulse Mini cable is no longer listed, perhaps it has been discontinued. The Pulse XS (non reference) is now the “lowest” spec of cable it seems. That might make them pricey as I’m sure the old Pulse X jumpers were 500+GBP.

Chord signature is at a price point where I could just sell on if not satisfied for a small loss and not weep.

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Just a thought… What if you trim 200mm off your super lumina leads and get them re-terminated?

The price of the SL jumpers is so high that it would ALMOST be cheaper to buy another set of used SL 3m cables and have someone re-terminate them. But there’s probably a couple hundred quid in it and you’d have to source the correct plugs etc. Bit of a pain.

I’m actually staggered at the list price of these jumpers. When you buy longer than 3m speaker cables the price goes up by about 700GBP/m so that means the retail cable cost of the jumpers at 20cm is under 150 quid, so 850 quid for terminations and box is not justifiable.

Vertere Pulse X mini jumpers installed, thanks to advice from forum and the helpful team at TomTom!

Will let them burn in with light TV and internet radio use until the weekend then have a listening session.

Just bare the speaker cable back 3" and place through both + terminals and then both - terminals for free best sounding “jumpers”

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That’s what I would do, although I would use some heatshrink to protect the exposed wires and reduce the chance of accidental shorting. Better still, I would use right angled bananas such as the Naim ones then you don’t need to remove all that insulation (aka F-connection).

Would there not be a problem of corrosion on bare wires ?

As Chris above says, heatshrinks will protect the wire (and you…), and the best idea is to create F-connections.

It sounds to me like Fergi is talking about bare wire connctions rather the soldered bananas that Naim recommend. Not that this would stop you using heatshrink.
I’ve occasionally found it necessary to remake connections after cutting off corroded wire, and the corrosion can even creep under the insulation sometimes. Living in a damp climate doesn’t help.

Or leave a band of the original insulation in place, i.e. cut a short section of insulation away for the first terminal and off the end for the second. Takes a little bit of effort to do well but if it isn’t worth a little bit of effort?

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