Speaker kits

Hi I’m interested in a pair of IPL kit speakers and was thinking of the M1tL . I would be using them with a Uniti 2 in a second room . They would have to be finished in oak…the missus says so . I was wondering where to look for any for sale second hand .



My usual go-to tool is Hifi shark - it trawls the main online secondhand selling sites, and you can set up a standing search to be notified.

However I suspect these are very rare, people tending to hang on to DIY speakers more than perhaps commercially made ones, partly due to their better value for money, and partly due to invested time and love, so I wouldn’t count on finding any.

You could do worse than asking IPL if they are aware of any.

Thanks for that .I’ve been in touch with Ivan at IPL as to who could build them for me as I’m not sure I’m up to the task , and there is only the guy in Cardiff . Unfortunately this would almost treble the initial cost of the total kit . Thats why I was thinking of second hand .In saying that I’m coming round to the idea of sending for the kit and see if I could build them and failing that maybe get a local joiner .



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