Speaker matching to Unity Star

Hello, I have recently purchased the Unity Star and pairing it with Tannoys Revolution XT8 speakers. I’m finding that the pairing is not so good, the speakers sound too bright and the bass is lacking any punch, the mids are great. What speakers would be an excellent match? I also have a second set of speakers, Martin Logan Motion 40i, but the pairing is even worse. Would greatly appreciate any opinions.

There are a few speaker makes where, room aside, you can’t get it wrong. The amp and speaker will gel, however the combination might not work for you, it really depends on your ears.
Makes where I think you can’t fail include: proac, neat, kudos, pmc, spendor.
Your speaker cables also need to be appropriate, the best choice is naca5.

Speakers are extremely personal, it’s hard to give recommendations.

I use my Star with B&W 702s2, so naturally recommend those, although while you’ll love the bass and mids, you might find them too bright? Anyway, should be easy to find so you won’t have to go out of your way to audition and decide for yourself. I would also make sure to check out the Revel F206.

I have PMC Twenty5.23i’s with my star. I listened to many options before choosing them. I am very happy with the sound.
The only speaker that I was was ‘maybe them’ with were the ProAc DT8’s. The 23’s were a little more revealing and had bit more everything about them, but everything sounded happy with the DT8’s - they made even rough recordings sound good - for about sixteen hundred pounds less!
Also, when dealers become places we can go I am going to listen to a pair of Franco Serblin Concerto speakers. They will probably be overkill for a Star, but if they sound as good as they look, hey will be my forever speakers.

I think there’s also a member here using the Star with a pair of T+A S 2100 CTL.

I have a Star paired with a pair of Neat Xplorers and find it sounds really good with plenty of bass,
They do other speakers as well that pair well with the Star

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Thank you, yes I have also been looking at that and sx1,2 speakers.

Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely look into them, as the dealer who sold me the Star carries PMC and Focals, which is convenient.

Thank you, if they might be a bit bright, will not work for my ears.

I’ve also got Neat Xplorers with my Star and more than happy to recommend them

Thank you for your advise, I will check out the Neat and the PMC speakers. My current cables are AudioQuest rocket 44’s, I also have Kimber cables (base 8).

I’m using Chord Epic SuperTwin speaker cable with my Star/Neats

I find usually that when some speakers get “bright”, it’s with a grainy treble (I guess frequencies where the driver starts breaking up), and that’s what puts people off. When the B&W it’s crystal clear all the way.

But my recommendation for the Revel’s still holds, try those.

AQ good, Kimber bad. Stick with the AQ.

My XT8F work really well with my Musical Fidelity separates but these Tannoys are known to be amplification sensitive. This youtube reviewer also assessed this

Which Neats do you have?

Yes, I agree. I had an Atoll in200 amp and had great bass with them, but with the Star, it’s week. I also have a tube amp that the Tannoys work great with, maybe a little bit to thin on the highs, but over all fantastic sound.

Hi, my main system is in my profile. Neat Motive sx2.

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