Speaker modifications/low cost upgrades

In a bid to get the best out of the speakers I already have in the main system (Tannoy Revolution R2s) I have researched and implemented some no/low cost upgrades/modifications to the system and my speakers. These have included:

  1. loading the mass filling chamber with about 6kg of Custom Design Inert filler per speaker - done in 1.5KG stages. This improved stability of the speakers and bass punch.
  2. Raised my downward firing subwoofers off the floor by a few inches with home built platforms containing 10mm closed cell foam sandwiched between 2 x 18mm MDF boards. There is quite a bit of info out there on the benefits of raising subwoofers off the floor.
  3. Making the same thing again but this time fully carpeted to add mass to the top of each subwoofer - this has the added benefit of providing a platform for if/when I buy another sub to ‘stack’ each side, Rel style :grinning:

All these, in combination with careful speaker placement and set up, have made a positive difference.

Finally, after researching different filling types I added more acoustic dampening panels and Silent Coat automotive sound dampener inside each speaker cabinet to reduce cabinet resonances + I added a small amount of open cell foam (Silent Coat again) around the tweeter and mid-bass sections. The net result is of this last modification really has exceeded my expectations. Separation, stage depth, drive and the ability to follow music during more complex passages have all improved considerably. When listening to Carla Bruni’s version of Enjoy the Silence my wife commented that it was like she (Carla) was in the room. Interestingly music sounds more ‘full’ and engaging at a lower volume too. I have not made any changes to the electronic components of the speaker crossover - I’m not that brave.

It just goes to show what some well-considered tweaks can do. Incidentally, I had a good look around the inside of the Tannoys and I think they are pretty solidly built and braced speakers with good drivers, especially so considering that they retailed for just £400 a pair back in the early noughties.

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